Connect Single Beds – Turn Two Beds into One Large Bed

Typically, single beds have a width of 70 cm in the case of very narrow models in the area of ​​children’s room furnishings up to a width of 120 cm for comfort bed frames with a particularly large amount of freedom of movement.

Double beds are usually offered with widths of 160 cm, 180 cm up to 200 cm.

The 140 cm bed width, which is also widely available, is a kind of intermediate size that can be used as an oversized single bed or as a very small double bed for occasional use as such or primarily for young people.

Those who cannot get used to the given standard sizes or who simply want a wider sleeping area or a particularly flexible double bed can also connect two single beds. In this article in Sleep Magazine we deal with exactly this topic: What are the reasons for connecting two single beds? How do you combine two beds into one large bed? How can you connect mattresses or how does the unpleasant bed gap between the mattresses disappear? – We have put together answers to these questions and further information for you below.

Why should you join two single beds together?

If you want to share a bed for two, the solution today is to purchase a double bed in the appropriate size. In the past, however, two single beds were often purchased, which were either set up at a distance or pushed together. When beds were put together, it happened quite often that they drifted apart, which had a negative impact on sleeping comfort.

If you want to invest in a high-quality bed frame, you can enjoy a high level of investment security by choosing two single beds that can be firmly connected to one another. Should you z. If, for example , you decide to have separate bedrooms in the course of the partnership or if a partner needs a special care bed, the sleeping area can simply be adapted accordingly or “dismantled” into two single beds. At an advanced age or with physical limitations, everyday life can also be made easier with two single beds. B. the covering of the mattresses is much more convenient due to the accessibility from both sides. Read also: Senior-friendly beds: What you should consider when buying

Since an extra-wide bed of 2.40 m can be created by connecting two beds, the choice of such a bedding solution is also ideal for people who sleep very restlessly or who simply want more sleeping space. – If you want to find out more about the optimal bed size, we recommend reading our magazine article: Body- friendly beds: What should you watch out for?

Two beds with a width of 1.20 m, which are connected to form a large bed with a lying area of ​​2.40 m, are very well suited for making a comfortable family bed that can accommodate two adults as well as children.

Combining single beds – two beds can easily be turned into one large bed

In the online shop, we offer you a carefully compiled selection of attractive single beds in the category single bed to double bed , which are designed in such a way that they can be easily connected to a large bed with the help of special connecting fittings. Incidentally, bed models are also available in shorter or longer lengths, so that you can, for example, put together a bed in the format 240 x 190 cm, 240 x 210 cm or 240 x 220 cm.

In order to connect two single beds to a double bed, you simply leave out the elements of the frame (side parts of the bed) located on the inside when assembling the bed frames on many models. Instead, you use the connecting fitting that z. B. our bed model Runcorn consists of a sturdy wooden bar with a supporting plastic foot in the middle and perforated plates at the ends.

The beds are fixed by screwing the perforated plate and head section or the perforated plate and foot section. So that the two single beds can be used separately (again) without any problems at a later point in time, the fitting is connected to the head or foot section via the holes that are also used to attach the actual side sections.

Please visit our shop to familiarize yourself intensively with the different beds that can be combined to form a large bed:

Connected single beds: which slatted frames and mattresses to choose?

In principle, it is recommended that the two single beds connected to form a bed are treated like single beds when furnishing. – Every user should therefore provide their bed with a slatted frame and a mattress that suits their personal requirements.

For the best possible lying comfort on the entire large lying surface of the double bed, which is connected by two beds, it makes sense to opt for a slatted frame with rimless sprung base. Compared to regular slatted frames, the strips or the plate modules in these models extend to the outer edge and there is a full-surface sprung base, which ensures better lying comfort, especially in the middle of the bed.

When choosing the two mattresses, you should, if possible, make sure that they are roughly identical in height so that there is no “step” in the middle of the large bed.

Connect mattresses – remove bed cracks

In the large bed, which consists of two beds, the “visitor gap” in the middle is no different than in a normal double bed, which is not least due to the fact that the central side parts of the bed frames are not built in when the connecting fittings are used.

If you are bothered by the crack in the middle of the bed , you can do something about it. So z. B. the use of a so-called double bridge or love bridge. This is a special mattress wedge that bridges the gap between the two mattresses of the connected single beds and thus provides a continuous lying surface.

Connect single beds - turn two beds into one large bed