Creative Wall Paneling

Not just stylish wallpaper serve an individual room design. With a creative wall cladding, the design options can be wonderfully expanded. Currently particularly popular are wooden panels in a three-dimensional cube design, stone creations that look like real concrete and aesthetic upholstered panels made of fabric. Discover the selected repertoire in the wall covering gallery and let yourself be inspired by unique looks for every interior. Experience a pure feel-good atmosphere with authentic wooden walls, contemporary stone looks and comfortable wall cushions. You can easily attach the exclusive style elements to wall and ceiling surfaces of any size. Use the categories in our portfolio to browse extensively. Find quality wood,

From rustic to minimalist: Realize personal room dreams with elegant wall coverings

Sometimes it has to be something very special to give walls a unique character. Whether in the living room, bedroom, corridor, study or in commercial rooms – with our popular wall coverings you create a representative ambience in every environment. The selected creations in our gallery show motifs, structures and surfaces that express themselves through style, value and comfort. Wood looks, stone decors and textile decoration partners give the flexible designers their specific touch, from rustic to minimalist. Sand-brown wooden panels with the look of tree discs provide peace and well-being in your home. If you love industrial charm, light or dark concrete invites you to styles with sophisticated understatement. Fabric-covered upholstery panels in elegant gray or soft pink create a cozy and soft atmosphere. Realize with noble wall facings in different dimensions, Colors and materials Your personal dreams of space. Enjoy the visual and tactile beauty of wood, natural stone or textile wall panels. Easy to assemble, the user-friendly creations not only give walls and ceilings a new look, but also upgrade room dividers and wardrobes or serve as a headboard over the bed.  Take your time and get to know our varied portfolio. Experience the multi-faceted repertoire of trend wall coverings that suit everyone Gallantly round off the furnishings, whether Scandinavian furniture, dreamy shabby chic or industrial look. The high-quality decorative elements look fantastic, feel wonderful and offer many other advantages. Benefit from the plus points of our first-class wall and ceiling panels:

  • sound absorbing effect
  • Improved room acoustics
  • Harmonious room mood
  • Straightening of uneven walls
  • Playfully easy attachment
  • Cost and time saving

Wall panels made of stone, fabric and wood – diverse design options for all preferences

Decorative wall cladding made of soundproofing and heat-insulating materials or lifelike material interpretations are right up to date. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wall clocks for office. On the one hand, the tasteful all-rounders inspire with their elegant look and wonderfully pleasant feel, on the other hand, thanks to the quick and easy assembly, a redesign can be implemented inexpensively without major renovation work. Wall panels made of stone, fabric or wood score with a variety of design options for all preferences. Noble real wood and stone decors create impressive living experiences with their wonderful structures and motifs. Waterproof concrete cladding is ideal for a clean ambience in the bathroom or eye-catching accent walls in the living room. Brown wood designs with an expressive 3D effect radiate warmth, harmony and soothing.children’s room or in the kitchen. You can create an aesthetic wall installation with acoustically effective and particularly supple upholstery panels. You can clad larger areas or excitingly emphasize individual elements of your interior. In our fabric coverings section you will find easy-to-fix wall cushions in balanced colors and different sizes. Textile coverings are particularly popular in bedrooms and work rooms, where they reduce noise in a stylish way. The soothing charm of real wood? The avant-garde flair of dark concrete? The exclusivity of fine fabrics? Discover our selected repertoire of distinctive wall coverings that meet the highest design and quality standards in interior design.

A free hand in beautifying rooms with versatile wall coverings

Sometimes elegant, sometimes cool-looking concrete looks, wooden panels in light and dark brown nuances, textile creations made of highly developed fabrics: In the wall covering gallery we present stylish wall designs for living, sleeping and working areas with a fascinating effect. Graceful and trend-conscious, the modern creations stage the applause-worthy appearance on wall and ceiling surfaces, but also surprise in other places with their fabulous charisma. In our broad portfolio, inviting wall coverings made of stone, fabric and wood complement each other to create harmonious collections for every type of interior. In the wood decor category, get to know the whole range of motifs, grains and colors to create an aura of comfort.Offers a vintage look . Would you like to accentuate your wall in the dining room or your headboard above the bed with textile fashion? Then you are making an excellent choice with the exquisite upholstery panels from the renowned mollis® brand. These noble wall panels convey value, offer haptic and visual pleasure and radiate both comfort and luxurious elegance – be it in the hallway, bedroom or living area. With our versatile wall coverings, you have a free hand when beautifying your rooms. In our shop you can only buy proven quality products that offer you added value when it comes to decoration and installation.

Order inviting wall coverings for that certain something

In our varied repertoire of wall coverings, you have the opportunity to access a large number of colours, shapes, motifs and designs. Cube-shaped wooden panels, staggered elements or tree panes with unique grains give the room a cozy authenticity. Naturally light gray or grey-black stone cladding creates a spectacular backdrop in hygge Scandi style, in a charming retro look or in glamorous interiors. Upholstered panels made from the highest quality fabrics are ideal for use as accentuating wall accessories for larger areas or as a soft headboard. Bring that certain something into your interior and decide for yourself which style you like best. Make your home even more beautiful, because the strength of our veneers lies in the variety of their effects. In the wall covering store you can order attractive wall coverings at any time of the day or night at reasonable prices and have them conveniently sent to the address of your choice. Take a look around our extensive portfolio, browse the categories to your heart’s content and be inspired by the latest living trends. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and office. Enjoy an inspiring voyage of discovery through our wall covering gallery and experience the many facets of exclusive interior artists that present themselves in a glamorous way, both visually and haptically. If you have any questions, our experienced interior team will be happy to advise you.

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