Decorative Cooker Cover Plates

Decorative stove cover plates offer your hob effective protection against damage and give your kitchen a special aura. In this category you will find the practical helpers in many fascinating designs. Whether marble look, shabby chic, culinary items such as fruit and vegetables or oriental decors – the diverse motifs can be cheerful, romantic, rustic or extravagant. Elegant stone looks in subtle tones and breathtaking natural motifs in strong colors become exciting design highlights on a cooker cover plate. Protect your ceran, ceramic or induction hob with high-quality cover plates made of 4mm thick ESG safety glass. Browse through our wide repertoire and give your kitchen paradise even more flair.

Stove protection plates in beautiful colors – hygienic household helpers with style

In our cooker cover plates category, we offer you durable products of the highest quality. Extremely heat-resistant, stable and safe to use, the elaborately designed kitchen accessories ensure excellent protection for ceramic, glass ceramic and induction stoves. The high-quality printed ESG safety glass is characterized by increased shock and impact resistance, is insensitive to scratches and prevents the penetration of odors and bacteria. Do you also want a trendy look in the kitchen?, our specially hardened protective plates fulfill this wish with flying colors. The stimulating motifs and colorful decors of the hygienic household helpers bring style to the home cooking oasis. Fruity colors such as strawberry red, lemon yellow and kiwi green await you in the fruit and vegetable section. Noble stone designs in white and black slate or marble look provide a representative refinement of your hob. Forests flooded with light, dandelions in the wind, magnificent orchids, drops of water on delicate leaves: a cooker cover plate that depicts nature motifs captivates the eye with fascinating scenes in luminous or soothing nuances. Do you love the multifaceted aspects of art? Then experience an exciting excursion into the category of artistically staged glass plates. Discover Silke Leffler’s “Flower Seeds” or Anette Schmucker’s “Still Life with Teapot”. Thanks to the impressive variety, the beautiful decors give your kitchen furnishings an atmosphere according to your personal ideas. In addition to their function as stove protection, the clever all-rounders offer other possible uses:

  • Storage space for pots and pans
  • Mat for cutting and serving
  • Protection against germs and odors
  • preparation of meals
  • Splash guard behind the cooking zone

Smart all-rounders – stylish cooker covers made of impact-resistant glass

In the home kitchen, things can be modern, elegant, natural or rustic. A hob cover plate with a marble design can adorn the hob just as much as enchanting natural motifs, rustic wood designs and fresh fruit. Attractive cover plates contribute to the harmony of the room and testify to the good taste of their owners. We have a diverse repertoire of cooker covers and cutting plates for every style of kitchen – whether country kitchen, design kitchen, classic kitchen or functional kitchen. Our stylish covers made of impact-resistant glass are smart all-rounders. They protect the hob from external influences, help as an odorless cutting board, serve as storage space and are ideal as a splash guard. You can order the extremely robust glass cover plates in one-piece (60x52cm) and two-piece (2x30x52cm) versions online at extremely attractive prices. Eight flexible elastic feet ensure that the decorative all-rounders are placed gently and securely. Please make sure that the plate does not come into contact with the hob until it has completely cooled down. The high-quality glass print makes the motifs particularly impressive. Thanks to state-of-the-art printing techniques, the impact-resistant hotplate covers score with high color saturation and very good color fastness. The rounded glass edges and the fantastic 3D effect enliven the design and underline the amazing radiance of the tasteful style elements. Wood designs in shabby chic, deceptively real stone decors, colorful fruits and vegetables and great nature scenes can be found in our collections. Treat your cooker to high-performance hob protection that also does a great job as an outstanding decorative solution.

Magnificent glass cover plates for great enjoyment in kitchens

Our easy-care stove protection plates made of heat-resistant toughened safety glass prove to be real all-rounders. Even after years of use, they lose none of their attractiveness. The sophisticated designs are a guarantee of well-being and contentment in the kitchen. Cleaning is also easy by hand. The plate covers are easy to clean with a soft microfiber cloth and warm water. You can also use conventional glass cleaner, but never scouring powder or metal sponges. Let yourself be inspired by the magnificent glass cover plates, which ensure great enjoyment in the kitchen world. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wall clocks for kitchen. Stove covers in an incomparably beautiful marble look give your cooking paradise a uniquely elegant touch. Also take a look at our selected editions of beautiful wood decors that accentuate your interior with homely charm. Glass covers with imaginative marble structures open up spectacular effects with a sophisticated character. In the natural designs category, you will discover hobs and cutting plates in dreamy designs that fill the cooking area with harmony. Lush green forest landscapes, wonderfully blue blooming lavender and wonderful beach scenes invite you to create designs that are close to nature. Cooker cover plates with oriental ornaments are very much in vogue. The decorative designers set magnificent accents and create a fairytale eye-catcher. Our extensive portfolio of motif designs allows you to make an individual selection based on your style preferences. The distinctive glass plates fit wonderfully into monochrome, rural dreamy, classic and luxurious kitchen interiors. With our easy-to-use shop system, we support you in product selection. No matter whether you are looking for nature motifs, art prints, stone or wood designs – our filters will show you all suitable articles. We have very carefully prepared the assignment of the correct properties and allow you to further narrow down the presented covers using additional filters.

Cooker cover plates made of glass cheap

In the kitchen paradise at home, things are getting hectic – people grate, cut and chop. A knife or heavy object can quickly damage ceramic and ceramic hobs and leave unsightly marks. Our impact-resistant glass covers offer your hob an effective protective shield. Strong and extremely robust, the stable kitchen helpers do not break even after several cutting actions, defy warm pots and pans and prevent germs from settling with their non-porous surfaces. The high-quality stove covers protect, decorate and conjure up more workspace. Our repertoire includes glass protection plates in an unbelievable number of designs – from culinary decors to the natural scenery category to oriental ornament tiles. Discover the complete range in the trend decoration shop. Order inexpensive individual cooker cover plates or models in a set of 2 that cover the entire hob – regardless of whether it is a ceramic, glass ceramic or induction cooker. Again and again the prices tumble with us. So have a look at our Sale area around. The chances are good that your favorite decor is currently being offered at a heavily reduced price. But you can also get high-quality cooker cover plates from our regular range at permanently low prices. Have your desired cooker cover conveniently delivered to your home. Only the right accessories give your interior the finishing touch and set the scene for your personal furnishing style. That’s why we present you with excitingly designed style elements that make your home a cozy place of well-being.

Decorative Cooker Cover Plates