Decorative Privacy Screen for Every Window

Nobody likes to be looked at by strangers and neighbors at the breakfast table or in the living room. The protection of privacy is important to feel comfortable in your own home. A perfect and cheap solution here is a decorative privacy film. The films have a number of advantages over flexible window privacy screens such as frosted glass, roller blinds and curtains. On the one hand, self-adhesive films are much cheaper than opaque glass. In addition, unlike blinds, pleated blinds and roller blinds, they are permanently attached to the window, do not have to be opened and closed and still do not prevent sunlight from filling your home with light. The films are easy to care for and can be cleaned with normal window cleaning agents. Installation requires no brackets, screws, hooks or clamps. Technical skills are not required for assembly. You have an almost limitless variety of colors and designs at your disposal. Have we piqued your interest? Then find out more about the practical foils and take a look around in our online shop.

Translucent Films – Frosted Glass Effect

Are you looking for a privacy screen solution that lets plenty of daylight into the room? Then there are window films in frosted glass design the right thing for you. Films are an advantageous alternative to frosted glass and many other types of expensive privacy glass. Unlike the glass pane, they can be easily replaced if you no longer like the design. The frosted glass effect means that the room is as bright as day and yet nobody can see inside from the outside. The same advantages as frosted glass are offered by foils like patterned glass and light foils with decorative, transparent patterns such as drops, diamonds, waves, stripes or tiles. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with mirror wall clocks. The frosted glass films are very discreet and can be used for rooms of all kinds. They are popular for private rooms as well as for practices, offices or law firms. We also offer privacy films with high light transmission with colored prints. White-transparent foils with some light, filigree flowers, Grasses and other prints enhance the window without darkening while maintaining your privacy. Such decoratively decorated frosted glass designs are suitable for all ground-level rooms in the house. Opaque frosted glass films are suitable for covering all or part of window panes of any size.

Protection against prying eyes – foils for every room

The high-quality films are suitable for every type of glass and every window. You can specify your search in our decoration shop depending on the room. We have already made a selection for you which designs are particularly suitable for the kitchen , bathroom, living room and bedroom. There are numerous beautiful motifs for the children’s room that are particularly popular with children. The many great designs are universally suitable for all rooms that you want to shield from prying eyes. Some films are only suitable for partial bonding. These are, for example, only slightly translucent images or films in dark designs. Various designs are particularly suitable for large window fronts. For panoramic windows, terrace doors and floor-to-ceiling glazing you will find beautiful large-scale pictures. Prints of landscapes , delicately colored underwater images, large bright flowers and all frosted glass designs come into question here. Specifically, you can select window images for square windows, portrait formats and even for round windows. On many product pages you will also find options for selecting different sizes.

The right size for the window film

The selection does not have the right size for every window. Most prints can be easily cut all the way around. If you would like to make a special cut, for example for an arched window, select picture foils a subject where this can be done without compromising the design. If you need a large front and other unusual dimensions that are not offered online, use our order form to request a made-to-measure product. If it’s just a minor adjustment, you can simply choose the next larger film and trim the edges as desired. We not only stock films to protect privacy for a wide variety of windows, but also as door cuts for your balcony or patio door. In addition, you can also cover room doors made of glass with the opaque films. Compared to the very expensive door made of colored glass or printed glass, this is much cheaper and still looks good.

Attach privacy film

Attaching the films to your windows and patio doors is child’s play. However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you are completely satisfied with the result. The substrate must be free of dust, grease and other dirt. On the other hand, scratches or blind spots on the glass are no obstacle. These are simply pasted over. The foils are made of high-quality plastic. A self-adhesive coating is applied to the back. For partial gluing, measure exactly the window area that is to be glued. For an individual partial adhesion, a cut is usually required, which you can carry out quickly and precisely with a cutter knife. For a straight approach, let the film protrude a few millimeters from the frame if the dimensions do not exactly match the window width. With old windows, the frames are often not 100% straight. Here the straight horizontal line should be the starting point and not the window frame. The films can be removed without damage. If the match is not exact, you can peel off the foil and start again. To apply the window film without bubbles or creases, use a felt squeegee, which you can order from us as an accessory. Expose the part of the adhesive layer that is about to be attached to the window. You can carry out the first light attachment with a cloth or with the palm of your hand. Is the film sitting as desired? Finally, spread them out with even, firm pressure using the felt squeegee. Any overhanging edges can then be removed with the cutter knife.

Buy privacy protection in the online shop

In our shop we have films of very high quality for windows and glass doors. Choose the color, the motif or a beautiful design with a frosted glass effect. All the films we offer are of very high durability. You can remove the decorative window dress from the window pane at any time without leaving any residue and replace it with a new decorative pattern. In our shop you can get personal advice from our competent customer service. Ask all your questions about designs, materials, colors, light transmission and privacy here. We would also be happy to send you samples so that you can convince yourself of the optical effect and suitability of the window decors at home in daylight and artificial light. Your ordered foils will be delivered to you within a few days.

Decorative Privacy Screen