Decorative Splash Guard for the Kitchen

In a number of kitchens, outdated backsplashes lead a dreary existence. An individually designed kitchen back wall, on the other hand, is not only an effective splash guard, but also offers maximum visual pleasure. You will find back panels in a variety of styles and materials that will upgrade the area around your cooking area in no time at all – decorative, functional, modern. Provide with refreshing fruit, crisp sayings or floral motifs for a cozy atmosphere. Protect your kitchen wall behind the worktop from contamination from oil, grease and water splashes. If you have high design standards, you should take a look at the sophisticated motif rear walls in our online gallery. Whether as a stylish glass picture with coffee motifs or as a trendy food decoration on shimmering aluminum Dibond – discover splash guards made of glass or metal that perfectly match your ambience.

Everything sparkling clean with stylish wall protection for the kitchen

In the kitchen people cook, bake, experiment and chat. As the heart of a house or apartment, it is the playground for family, friends, hobby cooks and connoisseurs. With ingenious kitchen ideas, you can fulfill your own personal furnishing dream. So that you can enjoy your kitchen walls for a long time, a splash guard ensures hygienic cleanliness. Tomato sauce, oil, water, encrustations: Dirt quickly collects on the wall above the stove, sink and worktop. ¬†Cleaning the spaces between the tiles is particularly difficult. This can be remedied by a seamless splash guard, which also puts your wall in the limelight creatively. If you are looking for a spotlessly clean and simple solution, the stylish wall protection gives you almost unlimited creative freedom. Be inspired by the immense range of colours, formats and motifs. Bring the wow factor into your kitchen with an effective back wall made of scratch-resistant glass. Do you have a soft spot for delicious coffee specialties or fruity, exotic drinks? Then you will find coffee and cocktails quickly. The skyline of New York City, Madrid at night, the Eiffel Tower in Paris – without a plane ticket, bring grandiose attractions to your home with our city and travel motifs on a glass picture made of highly stable safety glass. You don’t like the dreary look of your old tiled mirror anymore? Then you can give your cooking zone a tasteful look with our high-quality printed glass and aluminum Dibond rear panels from a wide range of themed worlds. Patterns, motifs and colors ensure an authentic atmosphere according to your taste:

  • Colorful fruits & spices
  • Inspirational Sayings & Quotes
  • Deceptively real stone and tile looks
  • Fancy ornaments
  • Breathtaking natural landscapes

Cozy room style with kitchen splashbacks in tile and stone designs

Whether food decoration, architectural motifs or floral art – the new splash guard trends are varied and use such a wide spectrum that there is something for every taste. Kitchen splashbacks in tile and stone designs create a cozy room style with rustic charm. Concrete, marble, brick, mosaic tiles or artistic Dutch tiles bring liveliness to the cooking paradise, sometimes appearing elegant and luxurious, sometimes warm and rough. Splash guards with a wood look are also extremely popular with people who love the natural and original. Heat-resistant glass rear walls with stone and tile decors effectively protect your kitchen niche from dirt, are easy to wash and emphasize the effect of your furnishings over the long term. Various stylish stone types such as slate, brick, Granite, 3D imitation stone and natural stone are attractive splash guards. Real concrete and stone colors such as cream, grey, brown, black or white are primarily used. The Mediterranean flair of the sunny south is reflected in the ocher-brown wall design. With the color white in luxurious marble look you brighten up your kitchenette and give the Scandinavian kitchen style a noble character. Brick designs in light or dark gray bring out the strongest colors in your interior. Whether it’s a deep black panorama stone wall, a mosaic splash guard with an occidental touch or royal blue ornamental tiles¬† you will discover made-to-measure kitchen splashbacks, which as exclusive design elements embellish modern fitted kitchens as well as cozy country kitchens.

  • High-resolution direct printing
  • Lasting color brilliance
  • scratch resistance
  • Increased shock and impact resistance
  • Rear sealing
  • Available with pointed or rounded corners

Aluminum Dibond splash guard – robust, stylish, durable

Today, unique kitchen splashbacks have a high homely value and captivate everyone who sees them. Splash guards from the Food & Spices section are presented in stimulating signal colors such as eye-catching orange and fresh red . Niche rear panels with nature motifs from the poppy meadow to the beach panorama radiate comfort and warmth. But not only colors, designs and styles, but also the materials set the scene for motif walls for the kitchen in a richly contrasting way. As an alternative to a glass picture, there is an extremely elegant kitchen splashback made of aluminum Dibond. The trend material is ideal for giving your kitchenette an extravagant touch. Splash guard made of temperature-resistant aluminum composite is robust, stylish and durable thanks to the high-quality alloy. Many professional chefs prefer this material because the material is characterized by scratch resistance, break resistance and easy care. The finely brushed aluminum surface creates an extraordinary metallic effect with a high design factor. Experience your rear wall in a glamorous aluminum look, that refines the neutral and spices up the everyday. Splash guards with a silver or copper effect set highlights in every kitchen and leave a lasting impression. Set shimmering accents with metallic colors. Silky shiny aluminum Dibond back walls with motifs, patterns and ornaments are very popular. Gaze into azure sea worlds, immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the flora or let yourself be carried away into the mysticism of foggy forests. Dress up your kitchen wall with mesmerizing works of art that will add dynamism to any room. Your splash guard comes pre-assembled with clamp mounting and is ready to attach. You will of course find the right accessories for your favourites, whether it is a cartridge gun, microfibre cloth or glass marker.

Kitchen splashbacks for all your needs

In our theme worlds you will discover splash guards made of easy-care and robust materials in numerous sizes. Weatherproof Alu-Dibond rear panels are also suitable for outdoor cooking fun. Do you appreciate the aroma of a good cup of coffee, are you enthusiastic about artistically staged food decorations or are you drawn to distant countries? We have extremely attractive kitchen splashbacks for all your needs. Find out more about the current trends in splash protection. We present bestsellers, revivals and new interpretations. This is how you can find the kitchen splashback quickly and easily online that harmonizes with your furnishing style. Give your cooking oasis a completely new style with little effort, whether plain color with a silver shimmer effect, in a modern concrete look or in a radiantly shining fruit design. Find out more about the material properties of glass and aluminum composite. Create a whole new sense of space and liven up the look of your kitchen environment with a splash guard in first-class quality and dreamlike designs. Also our portfolio of cooker cover plates could hardly be more diverse. Embellish the stove area with romantic flowers, shabby chic wood or fiery chili peppers. Order matching cover plates made of highly heat-resistant ESG glass for your splash guard. In just a few days you can enjoy an undisturbed zest for life in your very own kitchen world.

Decorative Splash Guard for the Kitchen