Effective Door Foils

It does n’t matter whether it’s a bathroom, office, kitchen or children’s room – the door foil is an excellent choice when it comes to the creative design of apartment doors. You will encounter a multifaceted portfolio of high-quality and beautiful foil designs. Enjoy fantastic views of beautiful natural motifs, experience the original charm of the wood look or bring a modern character to your rooms with light stone designs. In our category of effective door decors you will find a wide selection of foils to make every entrance personal and trendy. Humorous door tattoos for the toilet, door wallpaper with magnificent flower motifs, colorful door stickers for children – choose your favorite decor from our wide range of foils.

Matching foils for a door design with a high design factor

With self-adhesive door foils, you can give your entrance and room doors an expressive look in no time at all. The versatile stylistic devices are available in numerous motifs, colors and sizes. With our high-quality interior foil, the ambience of your facility can be emphasized in a modern, natural, extravagant or even artistic way. Door panels in stone design, such as brick, marble and slate, are very popular, with their three-dimensional structures providing a deceptively real look. Would you like to turn your peephole into an amazing eye-catcher? We offer you decorative peephole stickers in creative designs – whether purple jade flowers or cheeky owls. Do you love the unique world of fauna and flora? Then you’ve come to the right place in our natural motifs section. Imposing mountain massifs, rushing waterfalls and summery birch forests in brilliant colors captivate with their fascinating charisma and bring the beauty of nature into your home. An urgent need can quickly become a dilemma. A clearly visible door sticker signals that relief is near. Our flexible and self-adhesive quality films are ideal for the bathroom or guest toilet.You will find door foil sets with a saying and motif, finely stylized door tattoos and toilet symbol signs in aesthetic designs. Would you like a warm atmosphere in the living room, hallway or bedroom? Then perfect your interior design with an elegant wood-look door wallpaper that conjures up a cozy touch in every room. Discover suitable foils for a door design with a high design factor. Our hard-wearing film coatings are characterized by these properties:

  • Easy handling
  • Self-adhesive and wipeable
  • Completely removable
  • Colorful and UV-resistant
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Can be cut individually

Refine doors exclusively – the most beautiful motifs from puristic to floral

If an easy-care design film is used in your home, you need neither paint nor varnish to create your desired decor. Self-adhesive, scratch-resistant and removable without leaving any residue, our flexible film products fit harmoniously into any furnishing concept. No matter which interior door you want to exclusively refine, we have the most beautiful motifs available for you, from puristic to floral. How about wildflowers in the country kitchen? Decorate your kitchen door with a lovely floral decoration in a unique riot of colour. Would you like a wooden door design? In the wood look category you will find adhesive foils with pastel-colored planks or iconic vintage wooden walls with faded paintwork, which are particularly popular in shabby chic. Would you like to design your office door in a single color on one or both sides? In steel grey, white or cream? Then our unicolor high-tech film provides that extra bit of style. Great possibilities for decorating entrances and exits are opened up by our securely adhering and very easy to attach door tattoos . Show your guests where to go, for example with the bathroom lettering in a maritime design. Our highly effective Bundesliga door decorations are among the favorite decorations of football fans. Unlike traditional door posters, these interior decorators are high-quality printed and wipe-clean vinyl that will retain their color intensity for many years. Do you have a soft spot for the harsh charm of old factory buildings? In addition to iron chairs, hanging lights made of metal and wood with a patina, scratch-resistant decorative foil with a stone look perfects the rough character of the industrial style.

Self-adhesive decorative foils – effective door look in just a few simple steps

Don’t have the time or inclination to sand down and paint your door? In this case, you can feel free from all stress and simply browse our door film category online. Get to know our impressive nature motifs in their wonderful variety of landscapes. Bring the atmosphere of Mother Nature into your home with images of lush green bamboo forests, sun-drenched treetops, sea, beach and dunes. Treat your room door to the luxury of an elegant stone look or a wood design with a breathtaking 3D structure. Spice up the children’s room door with a colorful door sticker or embellish the guest toilet with an original decorative sticker. Our foil coatings in the style of Moroccan tiles, which bring the magic of the Orient into your home, are very up-to-date. Would you like a refreshment for your kitchen? Adhesive door foil printed with green herbs or exotic spices is an inexpensive way to give the cooking oasis a modern look in no time at all. Change the character of your metal, glass or plastic doors according to your personal preferences. Our versatile door wallpapers, door stickers and door stickers make renovating and decorating easy. In the category of self-adhesive decorative foils you can expect varied collections in many different designs, colors and formats. Whether stone look, wood decor, natural theme, retro, romantic or cheerful children’s motif – an effective door look in the desired mood can be created in just a few simple steps.

Buy attractively priced adhesive door foils and door wallpaper conveniently online

Flower ensembles with vintage flair, abstract art, bricks that are true to the original, rustic wood design – everyone will find the right decor in our large range of foils. Experience the exquisite selection of door foils in plain decors. Before or after attachment, you can simply cut the adhesive film to your door size. For a perfectly functioning installation, we have the right accessories such as felt squeegees and pressure rollers ready. If you want to conveniently buy attractively priced door stickers and door wallpaper online, here is the right address. Realize your do-it-yourself ideas with easy-to-cut furniture foils or ready-made door tattoos and peephole stickers. The design of your apartment and room doors contributes significantly to a comfortable ambience. Let your passages shine with a new outfit in fresh splendor. In the door film category you will discover everyday, highly durable, self-adhesive quality film for interior design with a high level of living comfort. Decorate the door to the loo with a distinctive women’s and men’s symbol, over which filigree lettering is enthroned. Get up close and personal with a majestic Bengal tiger in the living room or decorate your bedroom door with an aesthetic nude portrait. Animals, flowers, ornaments, stone, wood? Which decorative film would you like? Give your doors an attractive look in your desired design.

Effective Door Foils