Healthy Bedroom Part 1

The desire for health and a healthy living environment did not only arise in our new Corona reality. In this country we are in the comfortable situation that we ourselves can take a lot of part in how healthy we actually live and live. This begins z. B. with the choice of our house or apartment, continues in the chosen furnishings and interior design and ends with our way of life.

When it comes to healthy living, the bedroom is very important: as a rule, the bedroom is the room in which we spend most of the day. It also serves our recovery, relaxation and regeneration of our body, which is why it is particularly important to design and furnish the bedroom in a healthy way.

In the sleep magazine we dealt in detail with the topic of “healthy bedrooms”, highlighted various aspects and answered the question of what to look out for when furnishing a healthy bedroom. Find out more now …

Room color as a feel-good factor in the bedroom

The atmosphere and mood in the bedroom are very much related to the chosen color or the chosen colors in the room. Even if you usually have your eyes closed most of the time in the bedroom, the colors in the room have an effect on body and soul. Not least because the colors in the bedroom are the last thing you notice when you go to bed before the lights go out.

Which color is the right one for your own bedroom is very different from one individual to the next. While z. For example, some people suddenly start to freeze when they come into a blue room, other people find blue to be particularly pleasant, calm, relaxing and balancing.

A particularly recommended color for the bedroom is a delicate pink, as this should have a calming effect, because it can noticeably lower blood pressure after a very short time. Yellow and red, on the other hand, should be less suitable for the design of a bedroom.

It is also important that the bed linen matches the chosen color scheme in the bedroom. Overall, everything should not be too colorful and / or patterned too heavily in order to avoid unrest.

If you want dark bedroom furniture for your interior, you should choose the other color scheme in the room rather light. In this way, for example, a small bedroom can be optically enlarged.

Healthy floor for the bedroom

Floors made from natural materials are generally very suitable for the bedroom. A floor made of wood or cork can usually be kept very clean and gives the bedroom a special cosiness.

However, people who suffer from house dust allergies are usually better advised to use a short-pile rug. In a carpet with short pile fibers, the fine dust particles that sink to the floor in the room are held in place and are less likely to stir up. – It is important, however, that the floor is vacuumed frequently.

Choosing furniture for a healthy bedroom

In general, you should furnish your bedroom according to the motto “less is more!”. The room should be clearly structured and kept rather simple so that it is easier to relax and come to rest. If possible, furniture and furnishings that are not required in the bedroom should not be accommodated here. – However, if a desk with or without a computer or even the ironing board has to find its place in the bedroom for reasons of space, one should try to achieve a certain separation from the bed or sleeping area. This can be achieved, for example, by setting up a screen or hanging up sliding curtains for the visual division of space.

Wooden furniture is perfect for a healthy sleeping environment. Bedrooms made of solid wood and solid wood beds are available in many different styles and price ranges, so that suitable solutions are available for every living requirement and budget.

Particularly noteworthy are the furniture and beds made of stone pine . Wonderful properties are ascribed to this special type of wood, and studies have even shown that the wood of the stone pine is able to improve the quality of sleep. – This is related to the essential oils of the wood, which have a relaxing effect and significantly reduce the pulse.

Place furniture optimally in the bedroom

If possible, the bed in the bedroom should be placed against the warmest wall in the room. The minimum distance to the window should ideally be one meter.

For the feeling of security, it makes sense to ideally place the bed with the headboard directly against the wall and not free-standing. The “backing” of the wall makes you feel more protected while you sleep. A door or a window in the wall where the bed is are also rather inconvenient. By using a four-poster bed , a special feeling of security can be achieved again.

Fresh air in the bedroom