How to Set up Your Home Office

A study is an indispensable room in a young professional’s home. It offers space for working, reading and learning. Furnishing the study is important to make it comfortable as well as functional. The facility is also important to create a good atmosphere for working and learning. Our helpful office design tips will help you find the right office furniture to suit both your needs and your budget, as well as give you some creative ideas on how to set up a small workspace!


Offices in your own home are becoming more and more important these days, as there are many more people working from home. Would you like to redecorate your office or install a new office in your home? Then you should consider a few aspects when buying furniture, we will show you how to find the right furniture for your own office!

Good quality doesn’t always have to be expensive, which means you don’t always recognize good furniture by its high price. When buying your furniture, pay particular attention to the quality, procurement and stability. Because when you set up your office, you want to be able to use the furniture in the long term without any problems. You should also adjust your furniture to your own size, because the optimal desk height is essential for comfortable and pleasant working and learning, for example. Desk chairs are also available in different sizes and can be adapted to you according to your needs.

The central furniture in every office is the desk and the office chair . When buying a desk, you should make sure that it offers you enough work space so that you can work well and concentrate. There are different models of desks, which you should choose according to your needs. One of the best desks for an office is the corner desk . This not only looks good, but usually also offers you more storage space and, above all, a larger work and storage surface. There are also special computer desks that offer you plenty of space for different monitors. There are also rectangular desks, which also offer you a large work surface. There are also special children’s desks for children , which can be adjusted to the size of your child. There are various desk models that have built-in shelves and drawers, where you can store all your work documents.

For the perfect desk you then need to buy a comfortable desk chair on which you can sit and work comfortably over a long working day. There are different office chairs with different functions and properties. There is the classic office chair , which adapts perfectly to your body so that you can work with concentration. The executive chair is a wider chair that can give you extra comfort while you work. But also gaming chairs are very popular and not only with gamers, but also with more and more people who work in the home office. A gaming chair is just as wide as an executive chair and offers you a very high level of comfort when working and can be individually adapted to your needs. In addition, there is the classic swivel chair , which offers you high flexibility and comfort for working and learning. If you need extra seating in your own office, such as for a consultation, visitor chairs are the perfect solution for you!

An office should not only contain a desk and an office chair, because you need enough storage space for work documents or books. These shouldn’t just be flying around your office, they should be kept organized and sorted. For this, office cabinets and shelves are the perfect solution for your organization. A roll container is also very practical, as it can be easily moved at any time. These are available in many different sizes and colors. Decide on a variant that offers you enough storage space for all your documents.


The right furnishing is important for a cozy office with a good working and learning atmosphere. With just a few tricks, you can transform your own office into a cozy work environment.


In order to be able to work well and organized, you need enough space on your desk and space for storage. Therefore, you should focus on a large work surface in your office.


In order to be able to work well and with concentration, good lighting conditions are very important. Daylight is best, as it is natural light that allows you to work better.


A lot of storage space is important for an office, where you can safely stow away all important papers and documents. So if you don’t have enough space in your own office, you should integrate shelves in your office and provide enough storage space.


So that your office does not appear cold, you should decide on a wall color of your choice and also design your office individually with decoration. Personal items such as pictures make your office feel friendlier and more comfortable, so that you can always feel comfortable and concentrate well while you work. A beautiful carpet can also make your office feel more comfortable and inviting.


You don’t always need a large room for your own office. There are various ways to set up a small office in a good and organized way. Depending on the size of the room, you should also opt for a smaller desk in a smaller office. For example, the clever solution for a small office is a corner desk. This offers you enough work space to be able to work well and usually also gives you storage space under the desk, so that you can usually even do without larger shelves completely.


  • provide enough work surface to have enough space to work
  • look for a comfortable office chair that you can use for long, concentrated work.
  • storage space is important to be able to store all documents.
  • ensure optimal lighting conditions in your office.
  • decorate your office with personal items or a cozy rug.

How to Set up Your Home Office