How to Take Care of the Furniture in the Outside Area

The external area can book you some negative points when we talk about conservation of the mobile. Sun, rain, heat, cold… will be that they will damage or shorten the useful life of the product? The good news is that the answer is no, if the mobile have the proper maintenance.

The furniture in balconies and gardens are prepared to resist to the exposure to the sun, the rain and tackle climate change. They have their extended durability due to the treatments anti Uv, prevent dryness, in addition to their raw materials, that is, in itself, is more long lasting. The most commonly used are the synthetic fibre, wood and aluminium. Usually the tissues that accompany these furniture are waterproof fabrics, which help in the conservation of the product when exposed to rain.

How to Take Care of the Furniture in the Outside Area 1


Despite being a synthetic fiber, its appearance is natural and results in a design that’s rustic and elegant. In addition to the beauty of the raw material itself, the qualities of the material are diverse.

  • Extremely resistant to high temperatures;
  • You can experience the sun’s rays without fading the color, and without damage to the material;
  • Each strand of synthetic fiber supports up to 12kg.

Just water and neutral soap with a soft sponge. When the mobile is clear and is exposed to much dust or dirt, it is recommended that they are washed on a weekly basis.

How to Take Care of the Furniture in the Outside Area 2


It is a material very resistant, with electrostatic painting, becomes also suitable for external areas. It is often said that the only burden is its value, which is usually the highest due to its durability.

  • Raw light;
  • Rust-resistant;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Can be dyed in many different colors.

A dry cloth to take the dust off and washes periodic with water and neutral detergent. To enhance the brightness, can be used automotive wax to Polish the aluminum. Remembering that he should be clean and dry for the application of the wax.

How to Take Care of the Furniture in the Outside Area 3


There are several types of wood that is suitable for the external area. Teak, Cumaru, Peroba, Ipe, among others, are the most suitable to face the adversities of the climate. Many of them already comes from the factory with the proper treatment, but it’s always worth to leave the maintenance in the day with some reinforcements.

  • If well preserved can last for more than 20 years
  • Easy cleaning everyday
  • Many colors and types of wood are suitable for open areas

Cleaning is easy, done with only a damp cloth. What requires more attention is the use of a protective varnish once a year, and the impregnating stain, which penetrates into the grain of the wood and prevents cracks and bubbles.

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Most of the products of the external area of the store the Unusual that have fiber are synthetic fiber. Already the wood finishes are Mahogany Pink. Check out more models here.