imm Cologne 2021 Part 2

Small living spaces: Singles love multifunctionality

Overpriced rents, small apartments, little space – despite these conditions, the number of single households is steadily increasing. This requires a lot of creativity, especially when buying furniture, so that as much as possible can be accommodated in the smallest of spaces without sacrificing cosiness and living comfort.

The classic: the sofa bed

The classic furniture for small apartments and tiny houses is the sofa bed. If you want to combine living room and bedroom, you like to rely on couches that can be converted into a full bed in the evening.

New models integrate a conventional mattress in the body so that the seat and back no longer have to be used for sleeping, but a real mattress serves as a sleeping pad. This has several advantages: The usually somewhat less hygienic cover that friends and family sit on during the day does not come into contact with the body while sleeping. On the other hand, the mattresses often offer zoning, so that an ergonomically correct positioning of the spine and thus a restful, back-friendly sleep is possible.

Modern foldaway beds

What was already modern in the 15th century and an indispensable part of many children’s rooms in the 70s and 80s are foldaway beds. Due to the limited living space, these are also becoming more topical again.

In order to polish up the dusty image of the wall beds, the designers use the tried and tested bed model to combine it with other useful functions and furniture. In front of the fold-away bed, for example, there is space for a sofa that simply disappears under the bed when it is folded down to sleep. Swiveling hanging shelves, integrated dining or desks as well as the combination with variably usable storage space are also among the popular variants.

Visually, the wall beds fit in with the current desire for cosiness: subtle modern designs with a touch of retro charm or straightforward, straightforward and minimalist.

Comfort living: senior furniture in a new look

Furniture for the 50+ generation led a rather dreary existence with designers for a long time. Age-appropriate beds and sofas in an appealing look were rarely seen in the past. That will change at imm cologne 2021. The furniture manufacturers have now recognized that the tastes of today’s senior citizens have nothing to do with conservative furnishing styles. On the contrary: the older generation finds modern shapes and colors just as appealing as younger target groups.

Under the term “comfort living”, manufacturers are now presenting furniture that meets the requirements of all age groups. Sofas whose seat height can be adjusted at the push of a button, which are electrically transformed into a high-quality bed and, thanks to integrated USB connections, become a charging station for tablets and mobile phones.

Producers are pursuing a similar concept in the sleeping area. Here, too, the focus is on electrically adjustable beds with a high lying surface. Because getting in and out of bed that is easy on the back is equally interesting for young and old.

Designers no longer stop at nursing home beds. A few years ago, physically handicapped people in need of care had to make do with an empty hospital bed. Those who can afford it and do not necessarily want or have to resort to the aids of statutory health insurance companies will also find modern care beds with synthetic leather and fabric covers or a mix of materials with attractive wood decors in the manufacturers’ portfolio.

Smart Home: Furniture with technical refinements

Internet of Things, AI and Smart Home – terms that have now arrived in our everyday lives. This is exactly what the special exhibition “Let’s be smart – Smart Village” at imm cologne 2021 deals with. The aim is to find out how technical innovations can simplify our everyday lives and help people with disabilities achieve a better quality of life.

Who does not know it, the refrigerator that reorders food independently. Or the roller shutter that closes by itself at dusk. It should come as no surprise that these technical refinements have already made their way into furniture.

One of the highlights is certainly the wardrobe, the drawers and doors of which can be opened by voice command. For one or the other, this may be more of a technical gimmick, but for physically handicapped people this can be helpful support for a self-determined lifestyle.

We can be curious to see which smart home solutions in the furniture sector will come onto the market in the next few years. Many manufacturers are working flat out to develop intelligent furniture that makes everyday life easier, is suitable for seniors and contributes to a cozy home.

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