Keep your eyes open when buying box spring beds

Buying a box spring bed needs to be carefully considered due to the price and the desired bedding quality. It is particularly annoying when the bed does not meet your expectations after shopping. Especially when buying online, the customer has little opportunity to check the goods in advance and to convince himself of the correctness of the purchase promise.

Below you will find a few points that you should definitely pay attention to when buying box springs on the Internet. So you can be sure that your expectations will not be disappointed and that you will get what you ordered.

1. The real box spring structure

Many dealers advertise with the term “box spring bed” and offer a bed model with a corresponding design for sale. However, a real box spring bed always has the characteristic box spring structure. This consists of a sub-box with springs (“Box with Springs”). Some of the “box spring beds” available on the Internet only have a functionless lower box without any spring action. A mattress is placed on top of the box, with a thin mattress on top – the topper. This is always an integral part of the box spring system and by no means just a bonus from the retailer. When comparing prices, always make sure that prices are given for the entire system and that the topper is also included in the price.

2. The reputable provider

Pay attention to the small print in advance: If you do not like the bed you have bought, you should have the statutory right to return the bed without financial disadvantages. It is ideal if you can return the bed within 30 days without giving a reason and without incurring any costs. Another distinguishing feature of a reputable Internet provider is the advice they offer: Can the dealer be reached by phone or email for personal advice? Our tip: Always test the advice of the online shop before you trust it.

Shops that have been awarded the “Trusted Shops” seal offer additional security. For this certification, the website as well as the entire shop including the purchase process etc. are subjected to a detailed examination, which is based on the requirements of consumer protection. In addition to the general buyer protection, “Trusted Shops” offers a “money-back insurance” when paying in advance, so that you get your money back in any case in the event of non-delivery, even if the online shop is insolvent.

Customer ratings can also provide information about the reliability of the online shop – provided they are genuine and cannot be falsified. Many shops offer the option of evaluating purchases made through the independent company “eKomi”. This guarantees that the reviews are genuine and have not been falsified or altered.

3. Detailed product information

You should also only opt for a box spring bed that has a detailed product description. This is the only way to get the necessary information on quality and equipment. Important here are the information on the individual box spring components, a degree of hardness and – ideally – a recommendation for which body weight the box spring bed is suitable. So that you can be sure that the box spring bed will also fit into your bedroom, the dimensions of the bed should also be specified. Some points are particularly important when comparing box spring bed offers:

  • The lower box of a real box spring bed can be equipped with a Bonell spring core or a (barrel) pocket spring core.
  • Various materials are also available for the top mattress. Box spring beds with cold foam mattresses are more like a normal bed structure with a slatted frame and mattress in terms of lying sensation. The typical box spring lying feeling can only be achieved with a Bonell spring core or a barrel pocket spring core mattress. Here the number of springs is a quality feature that can be used for comparison. We recommend at least 200 springs for a 90x200cm mattress for light people, approx. 500 springs for a medium body weight and at least 1000 springs for a high weight.
  • With the topper, the material and density of the foam can be used to determine the quality. For reasons of quality, PU foam is not recommended for this. A topper made of cold foam (at least RG 35) or made of visco foam (at least RG 50) is to be preferred here in any case. If you value very special comfort, you can of course also use higher quality toppers made of Talalaylatex or Viscolatex.

4. Realistic offer prices

On the internet there are always offers for box spring beds that advertise “up to 80% discount” or similar advantages. In addition, the unrealistically high alleged original price is usually stated. A good, recommended box spring bed in size 180x200cm without exclusive additional equipment such as electrical adjustment or similar has a realistic online sales price of approx. 1500 € to 2000 €. Special offers are a little cheaper, but usually cannot be furnished with different fabrics, mattresses and toppers. More expensive luxury models have clear, above-average quality features or additional equipment for even more comfort.

A new box spring bed at an offer price of, for example, € 500 with a specified original price of € 2500 is a rather questionable offer, in which the original price certainly does not reflect the quality of the bed. You can find realistic offers for box spring beds in our online shop, for example:

5. The shipping cost trap

Some Internet offers seem very cheap at first glance, but the calculation of shipping costs is heavily added. Delivery (without assembly) should not cost more than € 50. Box spring beds should always be delivered by furniture carriers and carried to the room of your choice. Often money is saved here and general cargo forwarding companies only deliver free curbside. The assembly of box spring beds is usually very simple, so we recommend that you do it yourself and not spend any additional money on an assembly service.

6. Testing facilities

If you want to be on the safe side, you should buy a box spring bed that you have tested yourself beforehand. Anyone who has tried the selected box spring model and was able to view the actual equipment can be sure of the quality of the bed. Some online shops offer the option of testing box spring beds. In the best case scenario, you have the option of combining a short vacation with a sleep test weekend and can thus be absolutely sure that the box spring bed will also meet your requirements.

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