Matching Wall Mirrors for Every Room

Mirror Mirror on the wall. Whether it’s for make-up, hairdressing, shaving, choosing an outfit or just a styling check when leaving the house before going to work, on a date or to a party – there is hardly an everyday situation that we can avoid one or more glances in to throw the mirror. After all, you want to make a good impression everywhere. The practical use is therefore quite obvious and for that reason alone a mirror is far more than just an ordinary piece of furniture. But wall mirrors can do more than that create a visual enlargement of the room through their light reflections and at the same time make it appear brighter and friendlier. The larger the mirror, the more intense these effects are. Therefore, with a mirror that is hung in the right place, you exert a great influence on the overall atmosphere of the room.┬áCheck Paulwallclocks for home decoration with silent wall clocks.

Wall mirrors as shiny highlights of your interior

Our acrylic mirrors ensure a brilliant appearance on your walls. Because they also serve as attractive home accessories for your interior . The combination of functionality and modern design could hardly be nicer. Are you looking for a very special wall decoration and would you like to bring new creative elements into your interior? Decorate your wall with mirrors instead of just pictures. With our decorative mirrors made of acrylic glass, you can, for example, bring the stars into your home or let it rain hearts on your wall. With the enclosed adhesive pads, the mirror elements can be easily attached and so you have conjured up new exciting accents in your rooms in no time at all.

Wall mirrors for every furnishing style

So that we can always meet your individual needs and personal taste, we offer you an extensive selection of wall mirrors made of robust and light acrylic glass in various designs and shapes. You will find, for example, playful wall mirrors with filigree engravings, trendy mirror sets or glamorous mirrors in the baroque style. In addition, we have a large selection of printed acrylic glass mirrors in our range, which are available in round or square shapes and as a panorama version. You can choose and order your personal favorite model from the comfort of your own home at any time.

No more paper chaos

We all know this scenario: you write down appointments, telephone numbers, addresses or the current shopping list on many different pieces of paper. But such a note is quickly misplaced or mysteriously disappears into nowhere. Then good advice is expensive. With a pin board from our decoration shop, this will no longer happen to you, because you have your note chaos under control and your memos always in view. Lost notes and confusingly growing heaps of notes are a thing of the past.

Pin boards as attractive decorative elements

Nowadays, the pinboard no longer leads a sad, shadowy existence in some dark corner, but is deliberately placed in the center of attention as a stylish decorative element. No wonder, because most modern memo boards are real gems. They no longer only help to keep memories in work rooms, in the kitchen or in the hallway, but also ensure the perfect organization of your memos in all living rooms such as the living room, bedroom or children’s room. In this way, you will definitely not forget an appointment again. There is a suitable trendy pin board for every room and taste . Of course, you can also get suitable accessories such as pushpins from us , as well as many other original items for your facility . Let yourself be inspired.

Organizing is fun with our pinboards

Are you a world explorer and dream of traveling to as many different exciting or exotic places as possible? On a pin board with a world map motif, you can mark your dream destinations or places you have already visited with small flag pins . In this way, it is perfect for planning your future trips or for reviving the holiday feeling of days gone by. In the kitchen, decorative pin boards with cupcakes or a fragrant cup of coffee stimulate the appetite and are therefore the ideal eye-catchers for the room. When Bibi-Blocksberg helps organize the timetable or homework, even the little ones can have fun planning. Browse the pinboard category and be inspired by the extensive selection of various motifs. If you prefer to attach your notes with magnets, we also have a large selection of magnetic boards in our range.

Wall mirror star set