Modern Wall Colors

Azure blue, mint green, ice grey: color is as versatile as the interior design world. From warm and mild to cool and elegant, modern wall colors pamper you the eye and invigorate the senses. The fascinating color wonders create individual living environments, can be attractively combined with each other or set exciting accents. You will discover a varied collection for a wall design according to your taste. Discover stylish color nuances and high-quality paint from leading brands. Let yourself be inspired by classic, romantic, subtle and extravagant shades in our category of wall and ceiling colors. With our easy-to-use selection list, you can quickly and effortlessly find your desired color – whether for the bedroom, living room, nursery, hallway, kitchen or office.

The right color concept for every room and every furnishing style

Would you like a new color scheme for your living room, entrance area or kitchen? You will find plenty of inspiration for individual room landscapes with paint, varnish and glazes – from stimulating and activating gradations to cozy and soothing shades. White wall paint has a classically clean effect, giving rooms an elegant look and harmonizing wonderfully with warming style elements. In the white wall design, there are countless possible combinations with materials, patterns and structures. Soft gray provides modern comfort in the living room or office. With an interior color in gray designs, both cool elegance and the stylish loft character can be easily achieved. Soft pink is a graceful nuance that unfolds its soothing effect even in small rooms, for example in the hallway. Natural colors such as caramel, sandy yellow, nougat, mild forest green and creamy beige tones are all the rage. These nuances give your interior a harmonious atmosphere with natural flair – whether in a country house or in a city apartment. You love it fiery and colourful? Then intensely bright trend colors such as red, orange or yellow set strong accents. Soft blue tones such as deep azure blue or soft grey-blue radiate calm serenity, which particularly meets the needs of bedrooms and relaxation rooms. We offer you the right color concept for every room and every furnishing style. Our easy-to-paint paints from the Fantasy Wohncolor line consist of high-quality formulations with mixing technology that is precisely tailored to the formulation, so that you can re-order the color of your choice years later. The product features:

  • High coverage
  • Special color depth
  • Easy processing
  • Outstanding range
  • Highly abrasion-resistant, low-odour, breathable
  • Low spatter tendency
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy

Repaint walls – inspiring ideas for stylish wall designs

In addition to the furniture and accessories, the design of the walls makes a significant contribution to the well-being of residents large and small. Coatings with high-quality interior paint can completely change the mood in a room. Whether refreshing turquoise, calm beige, striking dark gray or graceful aubergine – with wall paint you can set lively highlights, create harmonious contrasts or convey inimitable naturalness. There are countless ways to bring trends and attitudes to life onto the wall. Get inspirational ideas for stylish wall designs in the wall and ceiling color trend decoration category. With special wiping techniques, paint rollers, stencils or spray paint you can conjure up creative motifs. Colorful dots or circles on a light background bring a happy mood to the baby or children’s room. Brilliant white stripes on an ice-grey coat of paint in the study or on the stairway exude a very modern charm. Would you like to turn your living room or bedroom into an amazing eye-catcher with a work of art you have painted yourself? Wall stencils are practical tools for creating distinctive compositions with paint or varnish. Versatile design partners for beautifying walls are self-adhesive wall tattoos, which you will find an almost unlimited selection – be it funny animal motifs for the children’s room or culinary sayings for the kitchen. If you prefer the minimalist furnishing style, a black and white linocut print with a geometric pattern has an effective effect. Artful reliefs, self-created murals , spray paint stamp printing – with various techniques you can give your rooms a unique touch.

Eco-friendly and durable branded paints with high quality

Enjoy the relaxing effect of soft blue or green tones in the bedroom. Experience the subtle beauty of shades of gray in the living and dining room. Accentuate wall surfaces in the office with creativity-enhancing yellow or design the baby’s room in soft beige. You can expect environmentally friendly and durable brand colors of high quality. Vectra universal white is ideal for new and renovation coatings, impresses with its very high opacity and is easy to work with. Highly hard-wearing latex white silky gloss preserves the structure, enriches your rooms with an elegant sheen and is easy to clean. Our repertoire also includes the preservative-free and immediately opaque Alpina paint Das Original with its innovative spray protection formula. In the Edition Fantasy Special-Mix Wohncolor you will discover exclusive color harmonies from matt to silky gloss for a wall design that reflects the zeitgeist in an unmistakable way. Violet creates a graceful ambience with a mysterious effect. Vibrant orange is the ideal accent color for an exuberant and carefree atmosphere. Fresh green sparkles with energy and goes very well with natural materials such as wooden floors. Immerse yourself in our varied worlds of colour, which enable you to create many trendy wall decorations and meet your personal requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you need 1 liter or 5 liters – you can choose the amount of paint and the degree of gloss on the respective product page.

Order versatile wall and ceiling paint easily online

In the category of interior wall colors, we offer you a wide range of colors for the individual design of bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, children’s rooms or business premises. We also have easy-to-clean and wash-resistant paints in our portfolio for bathrooms and kitchens that counteract mold growth. Find out more about the properties and effects of the different interior colors in our shop. Do you love the clarity of white, the vitality of red or the sophisticated radiance of black? Our well-structured overview will quickly lead you to the color of your choice. Order versatile wall and ceiling paint easily online – comfortably on the sofa, from the office or via smartphone on the go. In our color shade collections you will find the optimal color concept for your personal lifestyle and style of living in no time at all. Discover the multifaceted nature of selected design colors for first-class painting results. Each one presents itself with a unique character and will delight you every day. The cheerfulness of yellow, the relaxation of ocean blue, the soothing harmony of brown – feel the positive appeal of the most popular color beauties in our store. We invite you to a relaxed shopping experience. If you have any questions about our color products, our trained service staff will be happy to answer them by phone or email. Our employees take the time to listen to your concerns and help you to find the right solution for your individual color project.

Modern Wall Colors