New Solid Wood Bed Trend – Wild Oak in the Bedroom

Nature is returning to our homes. After stainless steel, plastic and glass have dominated furnishings in recent years, solid wood is once again at the forefront of furnishing trends. In the often very hectic everyday life, one longs for a peaceful place to rest. What better way to bring a touch of relaxed nature into your home than local wood that can live up to 2000 years and, thanks to its distinctive grain, can tell its own story? Furniture made from wild oak is experiencing a great renaissance in a new, stylish outfit.

Naturalness through lively wood grain

In the bedroom, many people pay attention to high-quality, durable materials that have a positive effect on a healthy sleeping environment. Wild oak wood is particularly in demand due to its sensual beauty with expressive grain. Craftsmanship perfection and a naturally oiled surface make wild oak beds quality products with an unchanged natural character and rustic elegance. Due to the gently oiled surface, wild oak beds not only ensure an appealing look in the bedroom – free of harmful substances, this also creates a healthy sleeping environment.

Maintenance of wild oak furniture

The valuable wild oak wood is particularly hard and is therefore ideal for furniture construction. Nevertheless, furniture is an object of daily use that shows signs of use over time. Wild oak furniture has the great advantage that minor wounds can easily be repaired. Fine scratches can be sanded out with fine sandpaper. Water stains can also be removed by sanding after they have dried out. Dents are lightly sanded and dampened with the iron. Then the wood is simply re-oiled at the treated area. In order for wild oak furniture to retain its attractive natural structure, it should be oiled about 1-2 times a year. For everyday cleaning, all you need is a dry to slightly damp cloth to wipe the bed with.

The bed trends 2021

We were there for you where furniture trends are made – at the central furniture fair imm cologne and have documented the bed trends 2021, which are now finding their way into furniture stores and online shops, for you. The furnishing trends this year often lead to the merging of the individual rooms and their importance. Instead of rooms separated from one another, different activity and relaxation areas with blurred boundaries are created in the apartment. For example, the bedroom is no longer just for sleeping, but also becomes a cozy TV lounge or an oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Trend 01: nature in the house

Nature in the home is a clear trend that continues like last year. However, the materials are new. Real, authentic wood with rustic cracks and grains can be found in simple, geometric shapes that give way to the unique effect of the lively wood. Solid wood beds made of wild oak or acacia are all the rage in the bedroom in a purist and precise manner. Different types of wood can also be combined with one another. Many manufacturers also rely on new wood colors, such as wild oak in white or a rich coffee brown. Unusual combinations with leather or even animal skins and expressively grained solid wood are also very much in vogue.

Trend 02: used look and retro

The tendency towards the rustic also continues with upholstered beds. The used look is popular here. Waxed leather on the headboard or loosely upholstered fabric bed frames provide the new generation of beds with a casual outfit. Anyone who is familiar with furniture design will find elements from the most varied of style periods in many bedroom furnishings. What is new, however, is the color scheme with individual patterns and strong play of colors. Retro is and will continue to be “in”.

Trend 03: pure luxury

Experiencing the sleeping experience of a luxury hotel or cruise ship in the private bedroom is the new bed trend par excellence. What has long been known in the USA and Scandinavia has recently also been on the rise in German bedrooms: highly valued box spring beds.

Due to the special construction of the lying system with a spring box instead of a slatted frame, the box spring bed offers significantly better lying comfort than previously known lying systems. On the box there is a mattress with a spring core, barrel pocket spring core or cold foam. If the bed is set up in the Scandinavian style, there is still a topper on the mattress. This is a thin foam pad that is available in different qualities and rounds off the comfort of lying, but also serves bed hygiene with a removable and washable cover. What is new this year is that the sleeping comfort of box spring beds is becoming more and more individually adaptable and the range of bed models is increasing in variety.

Trend 04: Individual and modern

Unconventional and very special, this is how many upholstered beds with artificial or real leather covers are presented. There are no limits to the curved shape. In some models, the mattress integrates so perfectly into the curves of the bed that it is only at second glance that it is clear: Fortunately, the lying surface has remained horizontal!

Trend 05: fireworks of colors

Those who like to decorate will also find many accessories and ancillary furniture for the bedroom in 2021. The retro style and geometric patterns as far as the eye can see are particularly popular here. Strong colors and bold color combinations based on the color blocking principle (strong color combinations from clearly delimited color areas) for bed linen and textiles create a real firework of colors in the bedroom.

Modern upholstered beds