Summer Duvets for the Best Sleeping Comfort

Duvets that are specially designed for summer impress with their finely coordinated product properties. Modern materials and high-quality workmanship ensure summery sleeping comfort that is in no way inferior to cozy feather beds in terms of the “cuddle and feel-good factor”.

Discover now the advantages that special summer duvets offer you and find the product that best suits you and your individual sleeping needs.

The most important differences that generally exist between duvets for the summer and duvets for the winter are a significantly reduced heat effect and a low weight . When we slip under our covers in the hot months of the year, we want comfort and a pleasant feeling. A heavy duvet that provides us with additional warmth is out of place here.

Since there is usually sufficient warmth in summer, the warmth properties of pure summer duvets are mostly low to good. Anyone looking for a good duvet solution with all the comforts for the whole year is well advised with a so-called combination duvet. Combination duvets consist of a light summer duvet and a thicker duvet for the transitional months; with the help of press studs, both duvets can be combined into an optimally warming winter duvet.

For an optimal sleeping climate in summer, further properties of the duvet are important: moisture absorption and breathability . Summer duvets, which are particularly notable for these properties, reliably regulate moisture, make the skin feel pleasant and ensure a healthy climate in bed.

Summer duvets are made from many different materials (upper materials and filling materials), so that individual wishes regarding the filling can be easily fulfilled when choosing a duvet for the summer.

Optimal support and natural materials: Innovation organic foam pillows

Everyone has different requirements for the pillow on which they lay their head to rest at night. For healthy sleep, it is important that the pillow you choose fits your preferred sleeping position and provides the necessary support for your head and neck. A real innovation in the field of pillows are organic foam pillows.

Find out now about the advantages and properties of the new organic foam pillows and find out how you can further optimize your sleeping comfort with these pillows.

The new organic foam pillows are characterized in particular by their perfect adaptation to the head and cervical spine area and by their climate-regulating properties .

State-of-the-art materials are used in the production of the organic foam pillows, which, in combination, give the pillows excellent product properties. The core of the pillow consists of a high-quality, visco-elastic cold foam , which is made on a natural oil basis and enriched with natural, essential oils. For the cover of the bio-foam pillows, SmartCel ™ double cloth is used, which has climate-balancing properties and was awarded the German Innovation Prize in 2008. The separate inner cover of the organic foam pillows is made of 100% cotton . Both covers are tested for harmful substances and assigned to product class 1 – baby norm.

Organic foam pillows are the ideal alternative to conventional pillows if you want a “sleeping area” for your head that meets the highest demands in terms of ergonomics and comfort . Especially people who prefer to sleep in a sideways position or who struggle with back problems will experience a whole new quality of healthy sleep with the help of a modern organic foam pillow.

If the usual neck support pillows have always seemed too rigid and uncomfortable to you, you should give a neck support pillow made of organic foam a try. You will clearly feel the difference and fall asleep with the good feeling that your head and cervical spine are optimally positioned orthopedically.

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