Table Tops Made of Glass

A beautiful table radiates aesthetics and flatters the eyes. Would you like to treat your faithful everyday companion to a refresher? In the table top gallery you can order a high-quality glass table top and keep the frame. Like real-looking marble decors and wood looks, floral motifs, geometric creations and artist pictures, colorful animals, oriental patterns or simply in plain white – our glass plate repertoire offers characterful designs that ensure an unmistakable look. Whether you want to embellish your round coffee table or square glass table – the wide range is open to every design wish. Get fresh ideas for an impressive table decoration that will beautify your interior in our extensive portfolio full of styles. Feel free to browse through our categories and discover your favorite record design.

Breathtakingly beautiful table glass tops – real decorative stars with a wow effect

Is your table top looking a bit boring and could use more refinement? Does the look not harmonize with your living room furnishings?or office? Then surprise your piece of furniture with a new styling. Discover stunningly beautiful table glass tops that are anything but standard in our portfolio. Turn your glass table, side table or pedestal table into an extravagant highlight. Let yourself be inspired by real decoration stars with wow effect and make an unmistakable statement. Floral creations from the Flowers & Plants category bring the Garden of Eden into your home. The rich portfolio ranges from vermilion blossoms to Victorian floral designs in black and white. Glass tabletops with geometric motifs in colors such as blue-grey, emerald green or silver exude a captivating dynamic. Glass plates decorated with artists’ pictures present themselves as particularly fascinating creations. Artfully enhance your table in no time at all. “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is also represented in our selected artists’ collections, as are van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom” and “The Feather” by Alfred Mucha. Among the absolute favorites are table coverings in stone and wood look. Black and white marble embody upscale luxury in the interior design, naturally beautiful wood decors in the rural, solid tree-pan look convey warmth and comfort. We have impressive motifs such as dolphins in the turquoise blue sea, brightly colored hummingbirds or peacocks with their feathers displayed ready for you in the Animals section. Dress up your table. But it’s not just the beauty of the designs that captivates. Our round and square glass plates have much more to offer:

  • 6mm safety glass
  • High impact resistance
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Significantly reduced risk of injury in the event of breakage
  • Rear high-resolution direct printing
  • Excellent color saturation

Decorative glass tops to match your table shape and size

In our tabletop repertoire we show you the hottest design concepts and color combinations. Do you want to beautify your coffee table effectively with a Moroccan pattern? Do you intend to optically spice up the children’s table with a colorful motif from the world of animals. Would you like to put your dressing table in the limelight with an extraordinary artist picture? Our versatile glass plates offer the perfect design for every decorative wish. If you are looking for an unprinted variant for your metal or glass table, you will also find models in transparent and plain colors in the tabletop gallery. Whether transparent, in subtle color harmonies or brightly colored – in our exclusive portfolio you can order decorative glass tops to match your table shape and size. The stylish design elements for square and round tables are available in proven standard sizes and many custom formats. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wall clocks for living room. The 6mm thick, single-pane safety glass is scratch-resistant and resilient, is characterized by high impact resistance and has an easy-to-clean, structureless surface. Four securely adhering rubber knobs serve as spacers for gentle insertion. These elastic buffers are included in the scope of delivery, so that you can use the glass table top without any problems. In square formats, the corners are rounded. As often only the table surface is worn or scratched, our distinctive decorative table tops offer an extremely inexpensive and practical alternative to buying new ones. Moreover, this type of beautification is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Dress your table – high-quality decorative glass tabletops

Glass tops for tables are among the preferred materials due to the variety of wonderful designs and practical properties. With a precisely selected round or square insert leaf, you can give your table frame or table column an ​​amazing look in the most uncomplicated way. True to the motto “Dress your table”, our high-quality decorative glass tabletops offer almost unlimited scope for design. Whether it’s a round standing table with an elegant marble look, a square hallway table with a floral motif or a transparent shelf for the glass table, you’ll find the right tabletop for your decorative preferences in our exquisite repertoire. With these inspiring, attractive and interesting solutions, a sensational table design is no longer a dream. Have you been putting your hats down on a boring console table for years? Does the children’s play table look dull and colourless? Are you annoyed by scratches and dents on your side table? A decorative glass table top puts an end to boredom and ensures a dynamic appearance. Experience a completely new feeling of living without any conversion or renovation work and accentuate yours furnishing with the desired ambience. Earth-brown wood decors have a warming effect due to their natural color and exude soothing harmony. In the animals category, traveling turtles, jolly fish and colorful birds cavort, opening up an imaginative world on living room or children’s room tables. Graphic creations with shimmering metallic lines turn the storage area of ​​your furniture into an exclusive highlight. But no matter which design – your guests will definitely enjoy staying at your table.

Order phenomenal made-to-measure tabletops cheaply

Furnish your table quickly and easily with a durable glass top in your favorite design. Enjoy a tour through our wide repertoire with grandiose artist pictures, motifs from the animal kingdom and floral treasures. Realize your dream of a noble ambience with a luxurious deep black marble glass tabletop that is indistinguishable from real natural stone. Experience the rustic romance of a natural-colored wooden wall or create a Mediterranean atmosphere with a grey-shaded terrazzo composition. In your table top shop you can buy phenomenal table tops in your desired dimensions and size at low prices. All glass products meet the highest quality standards and are available either in standard dimensions for square tables or in various diameters for round furniture. Our portfolio is rich in variety, with eye-catching motifs, colors and patterns playing the leading role. As you know, you can also order transparent tops in simple elegance for wood, metal or glass tables in the tabletop shop. Thanks to the immense selection, the feel-good character can be implemented in any facility, from Shabby chic to botanical trend. Join us on a wonderful journey through our varied glass plate repertoire and get to know the most popular trends for a highly individual table design.

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