The Ideal Guest Bed

A good host always ensures that his guests want for nothing. This does not only apply to the catering: Those who like to have guests should also offer them a comfortable place to sleep. There are many reasons for an overnight stay: one glass of red wine too much, the way home too far – or the offspring invites their best friends to a pajama party. In any case, it is better to be prepared for anything. But does the perfect guest bed even exist?

Make the optimal choice

There are various types of accommodation for guests. Whether a sofa bed, studio couch or pull-out bed, foldable beds or mattresses – in addition to the classic guest bed, many variants offer great flexibility. And that’s important, because the elderly mother-in-law has different demands than your son’s best buddy. Quite apart from that, not everyone has the space for a permanently furnished guest room. Before you decide on a solution, you should carefully consider what expectations you and your guests have of the overnight accommodation. We’ll help you ask the right questions.

Which guests will stay overnight?

If you are looking for the optimal guest bed, you should first take a closer look at your overnight guests. The age is particularly important. Older relatives or friends need a higher level of sleeping comfort than children and adolescents, for whom spending the night with friends is certainly an adventure.

If your overnight guests are primarily young people, the decision is straightforward: A folding mattress on the floor of the children’s room is just as enthusiastically received as a folding bed that can be stowed away to save space after the visit. If your best friend stays with you more often, a pull-out bed is the ideal choice: the second sleeping space can be pulled out from under the bed and disappears just as quickly the next morning. We have already put together a selection of suitable products for you in the online shop.

How often do your guests stay with you?

If you only have guests overnight once or twice a year, you will be adequately provided with a folding bed or a folding mattress. The advantage lies in the great flexibility: A folding bed can be set up in no time, fits into every room and can be stored in a storage room or niche to save space for the rest of the year. Especially for spontaneous overnight guests, it is always worthwhile to have such a practical bed ready. A folding mattress requires even less space – whether on the closet or under your own bed, there is always a place for it. Therefore, despite its simple lying comfort, it can be an optimal solution, especially for small apartments.

Do the guests come more often or do they stay for several nights in a row? In these cases, a sofa bed is the ideal choice. Modern sofa beds, as they can also be found in the range, are characterized by uncomplicated handling and a high level of comfort. The reason is that with the special upholstery of sofa beds, the focus is not on the quality of the seat, but rather on the quality of the bed. Many models also have an adjustable slatted frame. Often you can even decide whether you want a futon, pocket spring core or latex mattress. With so much comfort and flexibility, your guests will sleep on clouds! You can read more about this in our article “Sofa beds – as a guest bed or for every night”.

How much space is available?

The decision as to whether a permanent guest room should be set up depends primarily on the space available. If you often host overnight guests and there is enough space, a guest room with comfortable guest beds is certainly the ideal solution. But what if the in-laws only visit twice a year? In such cases, it is advisable to set up the room flexibly so that it does not remain unused for most of the year. That doesn’t have to mean less comfort – many modern guest beds are amazingly versatile and still comfortable.

The changeable guest room

Those who do not constantly expect overnight guests will often use their guest room as an office or hobby room. However, this requires a resourceful facility that adapts to the requirements of both types of use. Are you looking for flexibility too? Then you will be amazed at the possibilities that modern furniture design offers. In addition to the fold-out or pull-out beds already mentioned, you will find other very exciting solutions in the online shop.

Would you like to accommodate several beds in a small space? Then choose the functional stacking bed. Futon-style bed systems are also extremely practical, as they can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tools. And many a single bed can be transformed into a double bed in no time with connecting fittings.

Individual solutions for satisfied guests

Since there are many different factors to consider, the ideal solution for guests looks different in each individual case. How good that there is a large selection of high-quality accommodation options: Long live individuality! We are sure that your guests will also find the right place to sleep – we hope you enjoy browsing!

The Ideal Guest Bed