The Most Beautiful Ideas for Setting up Children’s Rooms

Furnishing a children ‘s room is an exciting task. It’s a chance to create your child’s own space that will serve as both a retreat and a playroom. Decorating a child’s room is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful.

There are many decisions to make, such as choosing colors and styles, as well as choosing between different furniture and accessories. We will show you how to set up the children’s room optimally for your child.


No matter whether the design of a baby, children’s or youth room, the furnishing of the room as well as the purchase of the right furniture are something very special for the whole family and an unforgettable moment. The design of the room can therefore be very overwhelming. That’s why we’re going to show you what furniture to buy and what to look out for, so you can keep your head clear through all the excitement.

You should think not only about the style of the room, but also about its practicality. A classic room should have a suitable bed, desk, wardrobe and various shelves for toys and school supplies. How to find the right furniture for your child:


The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a child’s room. Depending on how big your child is, you should decide on the right bed. While you have to buy extra small beds in the baby furniture department for a baby, there are many different sizes of youth beds for older children . Beds with drawers, which provide extra storage space in the children’s room, are particularly practical. The so-called play beds are particularly popular with small children . It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pink car or a fast racing car, with these beds you set a real highlight in your child’s room, where your child is guaranteed to enjoy going to sleep. Loft beds are just as popular as play beds . A loft bed gives your child a sense of security and can be very space-saving and is therefore very suitable for small rooms. The space under the bed can also be used. Another advantage is that the sleeping and playing areas are very well separated here. A loft bed can also accommodate two beds at the same time.


A baby’s wardrobe should be practical, comfortable and stylish. But it should also offer enough space for your child’s or baby’s clothes. Especially small children, babies or young people have a lot of clothes because they are at an age where they are constantly growing. It is important to stow these clothes neatly and clearly. If you want to store shoes separately, for example, then make sure that the shoe rack offers enough space for them. Choose a wardrobe that offers you and your child enough space. Revolving door wardrobes or sliding door wardrobes are particularly suitable for a child’s room.


Children are at an age when they still have a lot to learn and need a suitable place to learn. Therefore, you need a good and suitable work surface for your child. There are special children’s desks for children , which can be adjusted to the respective size of the child. The advantage is that the tables can grow with the child, so you don’t have to constantly buy a new table.


Divide your child’s space into three zones if possible: learning, sleeping and playing. Of course, these zones do not have to be separated from each other with different room dividers. However, it makes sense that the optics quickly make it clear which zone is involved. This division can be easily achieved with the help of carpets or different wall colors. The headboard of the bed should ideally be placed against the wall. This not only saves you space, it also simply looks the best. The desk should not be placed haphazardly in the room. This is best placed parallel to the bed and in such a way that your child can see most of the room.

You should choose a color scheme that goes with the rest of the house. For example, if you plan to use white on the walls, make sure all the furniture pieces match. The same goes for using black. Choose a shade of each color so they blend well. When decorating the children’s room, remember to keep things simple. Many people like to decorate their children’s bedroom with lots of toys and decorations.


A pink room for a girl and a blue room for the boy – these are the clich├ęs in the color design of a child’s room. But those times are over, because the trend continues to make rooms unisex. This has many advantages, because especially when you are designing the baby’s room, but the gender is still unclear, the room can be designed without any worries. Gender-neutral colors like yellow, gray or blue are particularly popular.


The children’s room is the first four walls of your child’s life. It is therefore all the more important that your child feels more than comfortable there. Your child’s favorite pattern, be it animals, symbols or imaginary figures, such as a fairy or other, should not be missing in the room. Always give your child the opportunity to participate in the design of the room. It is important that you do not design the room according to your taste, but according to that of the child. Therefore, decorations must be placed at the child’s eye level so that the child can even see them. A lot of fabric is particularly important in the children’s room! It brings a lot of comfort and invites you to relax. With a children’s rug matching the motto of the children’s room, they make the overall picture of the room complete. In addition to the children’s carpet, a beautiful curtain or other privacy screen should not be missing. These offer a high degree of privacy and ensure that your children’s room looks even more comfortable.

A four-poster bed above the sleeping oasis also makes every princess dream come true! A four-poster bed also gives your child a feeling of security and protects you from mosquitoes and other insects in summer. Decorate your child’s room with many different characters and pictures that your child will like. Just be careful not to overdo it and make the room look too messy. Animal pictures or pictures of the whole family are particularly popular!


  • Color schemes for children’s rooms: The color is particularly important in the children’s room, because no child wants to live in a drab and colorless room. Many make the color of the wall dependent on the sex of the child. However, you should always follow the child’s preferences here and delete it accordingly.
  • Style and theme of the children’s room: Before you furnish your little darling’s room, you should first decide on a theme or a furnishing style. For example, you can integrate different animals or princesses into the room. The most popular themes include pirates, jungles and princesses.
  • Storage solutions for children’s rooms: the child should have enough storage space in their room. Whether for clothes, school supplies or toys. So that the child has enough space in the room to play with friends, you need enough space, which you can create wonderfully with various organizational options.
  • Comfortable and safe: Your child’s room should not only be functional, it must also be comfortable and radiate a sense of security. Only then will your child feel comfortable in the room and can really rest and relax at night. This is extremely important, especially when the child is growing. Special caution is also required with sockets, these can be dangerous for your child and must therefore be secured. Sharp edges or furniture that is too high also pose a major risk and should be avoided.
  • Good lighting: In addition to good ventilation of the room, there should also be sufficient light. You can achieve this through windows or skylights. But don’t forget the lamps! A lamp placed next to the window provides additional natural daylight. Smaller chains of lights can create a particularly cozy atmosphere. Candles, on the other hand, are less suitable for the children’s room and should only be lit under observation.


If you have children, you know how much they love to collect. From pictures they draw themselves to leaves or stones, it can sometimes be overwhelming how much children collect. In addition to these things, children have a huge selection of toys, dolls and much more. If you want to keep things tidy, here are some lovely storage ideas for the kids room.

A simple wardrobe is often not enough here. With different boxes, baskets and crates you can escape from the chaos. Make different baskets or boxes for one thing so you can always find everything quickly. Toy boxes or various shelves will also help you to keep things tidy.

The Most Beautiful Ideas for Setting up Children's Rooms