Tile Stickers – Renovate Bathroom and Kitchen Walls Quickly and Easily

What was the dream bathroom many years ago is often no longer appealing today. The colors of the tiles don’t match the new bathroom rugs, and the view of the gleaming white walls is getting boring. What to do? Removing and replacing the old tiles is not only tedious, but also expensive. It would also be a waste, because the tiles are still perfectly fine. Don’t let that stop you. Don’t be afraid to create something new. Tile stickers are self-adhesive and the simple, fast, inexpensive solution. Whether kitchen mirror, the wall tiles in the bathroom or floor tiles – all tiles can be used with our design foils get a fresh new outfit. The amount of work is low and tool-free, the time required is also comparatively minimal. It doesn’t get any better than that. We offer you a huge selection of foil stickers in a wide variety of designs and dimensions at reasonable prices. Our high-quality, durable foil stickers for tiles enable you to renovate your tiled bathroom as quickly as possible. The stickers are made to measure for square and rectangular, small and larger tiles. You can opt for small mosaics, checkerboard patterns, modern, oriental, classic or vintage designs. The color choices are endless. In addition to the many patterned stickers, we also have single-color foil stickers in many colors and shades. In addition, borders can be glued with the practical foils, whole tile pictures can be created and decorative accents can be set on a wall tiled in one colour.

Spoiled for choice – what fits in your bathroom

In a small bathroom, use detailed, colorful patterns very sparingly. Walls with multicolored, richly illustrated patterns, such as oriental designs, visually reduce the space, especially when it comes to darker tones. In the small bathroom with tiles in white, beige, sand, light gray, light blue, you can set decorative accents with a few stickers. There are, for example, colored butterflies, birds, flowers and other motifs. A pretty border in subtle colors also gives the small bathroom a great, new design. Monochrome, bright, subtle patterns or marble designs can be used over the entire surface. In the large bathroom, colorful patterns also say “less is more”. However, here an entire wall can be designed in such a design. Keep the other walls uni if ​​possible. A three-quarter height border is good for high rooms. Many of our chic stickers are ideal for self-designed borders. The pretty seahorses, small fish, small mosaics or staggered ornamental tiles, for example, can be used very nicely for this purpose. Have you discovered stickers that you like but aren’t quite sure yet? We would be happy to send you a sample at home.

Stickers in the right size suitable for each tile

For a beautiful design of the walls, the format of the stickers must perfectly match the respective tiles. There are numerous tile formats. Both square and rectangular tiles have different dimensions depending on the product. With all foil stickers in our shop, you can choose different sizes for a specific format. To be on the safe side, measure your tiles beforehand on which the stickers should fit. Smaller film formats can also be glued to large formats. So you can eg large square tiles in a mosaic made of small stones. If the format is to be optically reduced or enlarged, you should first adjust the joint height to the tiles so that an even surface is created. You can stick smaller foils on large formats or larger format tile pictures on small tiles.

Stickers for your tiles with the best properties

The bathroom and kitchen in the apartment or house are usually completely or mainly tiled. Here, the design of the wall tiles largely determines the look of the room. There are two options for a change without new tiles: painting or foil stickers. Only a few simple steps are required to attach foil stickers to the tiles without damaging them. The stickers are self-adhesive and can later be removed without leaving any residue. This saves a lot of work if one day you don’t like the tile stickers anymore. The stickers are made of durable high-performance films. The starting material is usually vinyl. Tile stickers are easy to care for. You can clean them as usual. Make sure not to use any cleaning agents with harsh additives and caustic acids. On the other hand, it is harmless, for example cleaning with diluted vinegar or a vinegar-based cleaner. The films withstand steam and moisture in the bathroom without any problems. Even temperature differences, for example when airing after a hot bath in winter, do not affect the adhesive strength of the stickers. The adhesive adheres excellently and does not come loose on its own. Colors and patterns are applied using high-quality dyeing and printing processes. The designs are lightfast, water-resistant and show hardly any signs of aging even after a long period of time. The surfaces of the foils are also very impact-resistant on the tile. Despite the sticker, the tiles can be drilled. There are only restrictions if self-adhesive bathroom accessories are to be glued to the wall. So that glued brackets do not pull off or damage the foil due to their weight, you should uncover the cutout. To do this, mark the area for attachment, score the foil with the cutter knife and pull off the cut-out with ease. Now a bracket and the like can be attached to the original tile in just a few steps.

Assembly made easy

The long-term durability of the stickers depends on the substrate and the exact application. The surface should be perfectly smooth, clean and free of dust and grease. Thoroughly clean the tiles before sticking them on. If tiles have larger cracks or other damage, these should first be filled and carefully smoothed out. Since the stickers are self-adhesive, no glue is required for attachment. To apply the stickers neatly and without creases, use a felt squeegee, a pressure roller, a metal application rail and a cutter knife so that there are no creases or tears. Put the slide straight on. Smooth them out bubble-free with the felt squeegee. The film can then be finally pressed firmly with the pressure roller. If necessary, work the edges out again with the squeegee from the inside out so that no air inlets remain here. Use the cutter knife to cut the edges of the foil. Use a metal feed bar for a 100% straight cut.

Colorful tile pictures on slides

Create a special ambience with great tile pictures. We offer a variety of ready-made tile pictures. How about an imposing waterfall in the bathroom, the Sydney skyline, the Buddha by the pond or a sunset on the beach. Tile images with delicate grasses, stylized flowers, abstract patterns or twigs are more reduced in representation. We also have great foil arrangements ready for you for the kitchen. There are, for example, the scattered coffee beans, citrus fruits, tea and coffee pots or very nicely put together retro designs. Entire tile pictures can also be put together from various chic tiles in our shop. Set individual accents with staggered oriental tiles or use mosaic stickers for a new shape design. There are no limits to creativity with our foil stickers.

Tile Stickers