Tips for Bedroom Decor

There is no room in the apartment in which we spend more time than in our bedroom. Nevertheless, it is often very neglected and functional. Here you can read how you can use a few tips to conjure up a space for wellbeing and relaxation in your bedroom. A bedroom is not just for sleeping, it is also used for many other things: It is a dressing room, relaxation room and retreat in one. With our tips, the set-up is very easy and you get a coherent room concept.

TIP 1: The right bed in the right place

Choosing the right bed is the most important part of bedroom furniture. The bed size depends on the one hand on your personal needs and on the other hand on the size of the room: A small bed in a large room quickly looks lost, while a large bed in a small bedroom has a rather restrictive effect. For a very small room, we recommend a light-looking bed without a headboard or footboard, a so-called “lounger”. The right place for your bed the best way to find it is by trying it out. The room door should be either on the side or at the foot of the bed. If you sleep with the window open, it is advisable not to put the bed directly under the window. In particularly spacious bedrooms, it often looks very elegant when the bed is placed in the middle of the room. The most important thing when placing the bed in the room is your gut feeling: Choose a bed model that suits your taste and place it in the bedroom where you feel comfortable.

TIP 2: Store clothes in the bedroom

Your bedroom looks neat and cozy when you cover the storage space for clothes storage. A wardrobe usually fulfills this function. In order to be able to use the space optimally, the chosen wardrobe should be as high as possible. The use of mirrored doors makes the bedroom appear larger. With a wardrobe with sliding doors, you don’t need to plan space for opening the doors. Revolving door wardrobes can also be built around a corner. The interior layout of the wardrobe should be individually adaptable so that you have everything clearly and conveniently to hand in everyday life. Alternatively, an open shelving system in combination with curtains or sliding doors, or a decorative wall unit in the bedroom can provide storage space.

TIP 3: Small pieces of furniture complete the interior

In addition to the basic equipment with bed and wardrobe, it is often the small pieces of furniture that add the finishing touches to bedroom furnishings. A bedside table next to the bed provides a practical storage space near the bed. Where else could there be room for alarm clocks, bedtime reading, a glass of water and maybe even a small decoration? If you like to use the bedroom as a place of retreat during the day, you can also put a comfortable armchair in it. A chest of drawers with several drawers offers storage space for accessories, small items of laundry, jewelry, cosmetics and much more that cannot be placed in a defined space in a large wardrobe.

TIP 4: Coherent overall concept

Of course, all of the furniture in the bedroom should create a coherent overall picture. The best way to achieve this is to have similarities that can be found in all pieces of furniture. For example, the furniture can be kept completely in white, or all furniture is made in the same style. In our shop you will find ready-made suggestions for a complete bedroom furnishing .

TIP 5: Lighting in the bedroom

Your bedchamber looks particularly cozy if you do not attach any direct light. Small islands of lighting, such as floor lamps with lampshades or an uplighter, create an appealing feel-good atmosphere. However, reading lamps should illuminate directly.

TIP 6: Set up with color

Pastel tones are recommended for a calm and relaxing room effect. Strong colors should be used sparingly and for targeted color accents. A white chest of drawers, for example, looks particularly good in front of a brightly colored wall. The more neutral or subtle the color of the room, the more flexible it is to decorate. With a nice bed linen and curtains you give your bedroom furniture the finishing touch and enjoy a completely new feeling of living.

The right bed in the right place