Trendy Furniture Foils

Do you dread the dreary sight of your boring dresser? Do you finally want to cheer up the scratched game table in the children’s room? With trendy furniture foil you can give drab furniture a new look and also give worn-out favorite pieces a fresh shine. Self-adhesive, easy to work with and inexpensive, our decorative foil designs transform your living room, bedroom or kitchen furniture into unmistakable creations with a wow factor. The wide repertoire ranges from table foils with a wood look to door foils with colorful natural motifs and precisely fitting IKEA foils in uni, to DIY foil sheets with a marbled pattern. In each category you will find a high-quality selection of long-lasting adhesive foils that will give your furniture an attractive finish in no time at all. Select your desired foil exactly to measure and create a brilliant appearance quickly and easily.

Upgrade furniture stylishly with self-adhesive foils in the most beautiful designs

The new generation of furniture foil fulfills highly personal design wishes, sets exciting accents and is presented in a wide range of colours. Classic plain decors and magnificent patterns such as baroque ornaments or graphic interpretations are suitable for implementing a wide variety of styles. With easy-to-apply furniture foils, you can ensure a glamorous appearance in minutes and create amazing room scenarios. Design tables, cupboards, kitchen fronts, doors, walls or tiles individually in an unmistakable way according to the latest trends. We carry self-adhesive PVC foils in numerous designs for indoor use, which can be easily attached, easily cleaned and removed at any time without leaving any residue – without any dust, dirt, stress and high costs for complex renovations. Upgrade old, worn and boring furniture in style with wipe-clean self-adhesive films in the most beautiful designs. Foils printed in powerful colors or discreetly in an authentic wood look with a variety of grains and structures give your interior a pleasant cosiness. Fine stone designs such as brick, slate, brick and marble can give your furniture a sophisticated or rustic look. Would you like to bring the uniqueness of the fauna and flora into your four walls? Then discover fascinating natural motifs from colorful flowering plants to seas of grass gently swaying in the wind to exotic leaves in bright shades of green in our furniture decoration films category. Would you like to get even more out of your Pax wardrobe, your Malm chest of drawers or your Kallax shelf? In our repertoire you will find tailor-made IKEA furniture foils that creatively transform your favorite Scandinavian pieces. The advantages of furniture foils speak for themselves:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Inexpensive upcycling
  • No strenuous renovations
  • Adheres to all smooth and clean interior surfaces
  • Wipeable, scratch-resistant, highly durable
  • Resource and environmentally friendly
  • Residue-free dismantling

Decorative furniture foils for fantastic living experiences with a new look

Furniture that looks shabby or old-fashioned often ends up in bulky waste. Many furnishings have a very special charisma precisely because of their age. That’s why upcycling is undoubtedly worthwhile, because you don’t even need paint, varnish and sanding equipment. Versatile high-tech foils turn your used tables, cupboards, worktops, fronts, tiles and even walls into masterpieces that are visually and haptically inspiring. Plain-colored decorative foils or models with a natural-looking wood, stone and metal look stage an effective surface finish in a very short time. Furniture foil with botanical patterns conjures up refreshing accents in natural, minimalist and romantic interiors. Geometric decors such as diamonds, hexagons, Cubes and waves bring dynamism into the room. Table, shelf and cupboard foils with ornate ornaments or eye-catching artistic motifs radiate sophisticated aesthetics. True-to-the-original wood looks in white, brown, gray or powdery pastel tones skilfully emphasize country house looks and vintage styles in particular. Enjoy fantastic living experiences with a new look with decorative furniture foils. Discover easy to stick table foils in attractive plain colors from turquoise green to deep black, in white marble designs or with heavenly natural motifs. Would you like to give your fridge, closet or base cabinet a brand new look? Then we recommend a trip to our kitchen foils section. Beautify your cooking oasis inexpensively and easily with our resilient adhesive foil, which neither heat nor water can harm. So that you don’t have to frantically scribble your shopping list on a piece of paper that will quickly be forgotten, our high-quality blackboard films in a variety of colors and formats ensure pure relaxation.

Trendy, practical, hygienic – individual furniture style with decorative foil

Self-adhesive furniture design films let the most monotonous furniture bloom in fresh splendor and fill your home with a lively living atmosphere. You can safely order high-quality foils of all colors online in your desired dimensions – whether cheerfully colorful children’s table foils, custom-fit IKEA cupboard foils or tile stickers Moroccan style set. Trendy, practical and hygienic, with the self-adhesive style elements all imaginable smooth surfaces can be foiled without any problems. Seamless gluing around corners and edges is also easy with a little practice. Our robust high-performance films for redesigning cupboards, shelves, tabletops, kitchen fronts or tiled backsplashes combine elegant design, first-class workmanship and well thought-out functionality. In order to meet your personal style preferences, we offer you a wide range of foils in each category. You have the choice between plain, high-gloss and matt foil designs as well as effect foils with structures, pattern motifs and breathtaking 3D optics. Striking wood decors, impressive stone designs, graphic interpretations, colorful animal motifs and spectacular natural scenarios are represented in our varied repertoire. Are you looking for a stylish finish for your stairs, would you like to decorate your doors with an original sticker or make your sockets a stylish eye-catcher? Thanks to the great variety in the decorative foils sector, everyone is sure to find what their heart desires.

Order high-quality films with a strong design conveniently

Is your office desk covered in unsightly coffee stains? Is your once beautiful IKEA dresser showing its age? The tabletop in the playroom has unsightly scratches? With our colour-intensive, scratch-resistant furniture foils that stick like a second skin, you can conjure up a look that is second to none in no time. refrigerators, built-in cupboards, chests of drawers, shelves, tables, partitions, drawers – with the dimensionally stable PVC foils you can use a very simple way to beautify, refurbish and renew almost all surfaces. Avoid expensive new purchases and save yourself the stress of complicated disposal. Order design-strong quality foils for your furniture conveniently online. In our extensive collections you will find many other types of film for a wide variety of applications, including privacy film, door film, DIY film sheets, tile stickers and window pictures. Of course, you can also buy the right foiling tools such as pressure rollers, felt squeegees and professional cutting tools at low prices in your Swiss specialist shop. In all categories, we offer you high-quality, easy-to-apply and extraordinarily beautiful high-tech films that meet all challenges in terms of quality, resilience and design. Your furniture requires attention so that its true beauty is restored to its best advantage. Whether elegant, close to nature, rustic or playful: With their colors, pattern motifs and effects, our artful-looking foil decors ensure a new, invigorating and unique living experience.

Trendy Furniture Foils