Types of Bedroom

When it comes to furnishing and designing the bedroom or apartment, it is generally advisable to first prepare a floor plan of the room or apartment in order to determine the available space and to be able to define the exact positioning of the furniture. In addition, the budget should be determined in advance that can be used for the furnishing and design measures.

The interior design as well as the selection of furniture, home accessories and other furnishings itself is largely a question of personality. In addition to a lot of other information on this topic, we have also put together an online test to determine your “bedroom type”.

Today, interior designers and interior decorators usually do much more than simply implement current furnishing trends or classic living styles: They include the person who lives in the apartment – the resident – and create a living concept that is specifically tailored to them. For this purpose, intensive discussions are held in which the personal feelings, tastes and habits of the resident are worked out so that these can later be taken into account in the concept.

Your own home is simply more than a place to live. The way we furnish and design our living spaces always reveals something about ourselves and, in a certain sense, is a small reflection of our soul. For this reason, the living space that we create in our apartment should be designed in such a way that we can feel comfortable and find the necessary relaxation there in everyday life.

If we leave out our personality when furnishing and designing our apartment and only stick to external specifications, such as those found in furniture catalogs, living magazines or furnishing shows, we run the risk of finding ourselves in a soulless environment in the end, in which there is hardly any connection to ourselves. In such an environment, we rarely get to enjoy real well-being and real relaxation. The same also applies if we commit ourselves too much to one living and furnishing style and implement it strictly and uncompromisingly.

Take your time planning and choosing

The sensible and “successful” furnishing and design of living spaces begins – as already mentioned – with the preparation of a floor plan in order to be able to plan precisely, and the determination of the budget that is available to you for all measures and purchases.

Try to avoid spontaneous purchases and do not be tempted by special offers or bargains to buy a piece of furniture or other furnishings without a plan. If you make your decisions from time to time and make purchases for your apartment “from the gut”, this can quickly lead to a disjointed facility without character and charm.

Everything you buy for the room or apartment should fit your overall concept or your ideas and harmonize with the existing furniture and the (intended) room design. Before you make a purchase decision, you should therefore always consider the respective piece of furniture or furnishings in the context of your planning and any existing furnishings / interior design. If you come to the conviction that the piece of furniture in question can be perfectly integrated into the room or in your apartment and that the purchase price is within your budget, you can access it. Good planning and thoughtful action are guarantees that you will get a harmonious interior as a result,

Leave yourself room for maneuver

Different types and styles can be defined in almost all areas of life. There are also different more or less narrowly delimited living and furnishing styles. As already mentioned elsewhere, it is not advisable to choose one of these “ready-made” styles and to implement them strictly in your own living space design and furnishings.

So that you ultimately transform your apartment into a refuge in which you feel completely at ease, you should always listen to your inner voice and let yourself be inspired and guided in various ways. Combine different styles with each other and develop your very own living concept that optimally suits you, your personality, your attitude to life and your habits.

Find your own style

How difficult it is to find your own style is shown by the large variety of guides that deal with personality development and style advice. Professional style consultants are available to us for a fee if we are stuck on our own. We seem to have a natural tendency to be unsure about our personality, our tastes and many other factors and therefore seek outside support.

Despite all the predefined styles, however, everything remains purely subjective. Every person is unique in his or her personality. Accordingly, there is not just black and white, but a variety of shades of gray that all of their lovers have. We decide all by ourselves how we want to live and live. Reading guides, taking advantage of style advice or taking our online test can provide us with clues and food for thought.

Take our online test

To make it easier for you to find out which style or styles best suit your personality, we have developed a small online test with ten questions for you. Since we are primarily concerned with the subject of “sleep”, we have placed the focus on the bedroom, although all results are also suitable as a general basis for furnishing and designing the entire apartment.

After completing the test, you will receive an evaluation and information about your “bedroom type” or the furnishing styles that best suit your personality.

Types of Bedroom

Portraits of the different bedroom types in the sleep magazine

If you do not want to carry out the online test on the living and furnishing styles, you can also take a look at the portraits of the bedroom types directly:

  • The baroque bedroom type
  • The charming bedroom type
  • The foreign-inspired bedroom type
  • The country house bedroom type
  • The loft bedroom type
  • The modern bedroom type
  • The natural bedroom type
  • The casual bedroom type