Unique Embellishment with a Kitchen Splashback in a Modern Design

Unmodern tiles behind the cooking area are almost obsolete today; instead, stylish kitchen splashbacks made of materials such as glass, foil or aluminum function as effective splash protection and tasteful design elements. With a kitchen splashback in a modern design, you will experience a unique improvement and benefit from maximum functionality. We present easy-care, easy-to-install and stylish wall coverings for designs according to personal taste. Make your dream kitchen come true with a splashback in a sophisticated stone wall design, as an effective 3D concrete wall or a paradisiacal beach motif. With our motif rear panels made of durable Alu-Dibond composite panels, you can experience culinary delights in the most beautiful atmosphere. Sometimes happy and fruity, sometimes with unusual ornaments – our designs are as versatile as the kitchen styles. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wall clock for kids.

Make niches and wall surfaces shine individually

The traditional tiled mirror is losing more and more popularity. Today, modern materials in particular characterize the visual appearance of a kitchen splashback. Foil, acrylic glass , stainless steel or natural stone are popular materials that protect the surface on the back of the hob and sink from water, hot grease splashes, deposits and encrustations. The easy-to-clean splash guard not only fulfills practical and functional aspects, but also adapts to personal wishes for a stylish wall design. Wall panels printed with attractive motifs look young, invigorating and modern, create a pleasant ambience and ensure an individual look. We offer you a whole range of decorative motif designs.natural landscapes and exotic fruits are used as well as Moroccan ornaments, romantic floral patterns and imposing skylines. Material imitations, such as natural stone, clinker, marble and wood, stage a striking rear wall style. Let your niches and wall surfaces shine with our dirt-repellent and high-quality Alu-Dibond kitchen splashbacks with an individual look. The wall coverings captivate with brilliant colors and put your desired motif phenomenally in the limelight. In the trend decoration shop you can get the aesthetic room artists in different sizes from 120x50cm to 200x60cm. The wall elements can be further trimmed with a good cutter knife. Optionally select the right accessories such as cartridge gun, universal silicone cartridge, glass marker with pen holder and/or microfibre cloth. Our 3mm thick aluminum plates with a white surface and a core made of polyethylene are ideal as kitchen splash guards with a variety of photo and art motifs. The advantages at a glance:

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Scratch, break and bend resistant
  • Durable, light and resistant
  • Full color spectrum
  • Metallic-Option
  • For indoor and outdoor applications

Kitchen panels in numerous variations – from imitation tiles to colorful vegetables

The kitchen places special demands on a wall covering, because the heavily used areas of the cooking paradise require effective protection. Hygienic Alu-Dibond kitchen mirrors can be easily cleaned from water and fat splashes, can be attached in different ways, are heat-resistant and insensitive to mechanical loads. Monochrome or niche rear walls printed with patterns and motifs give your kitchenette that certain something and give the room a personal touch. For individualization, easy-care kitchen panels are available in numerous variations from tile imitations to colorful vegetables. Artfully applied patterns in retro design are a popular style, Brick and stone looks have lost none of their captivating charm, even in ultra-modern kitchens. Sensational wall effects with a sophisticated touch open up deceptively real marble colors and structures. Oriental ornament backgrounds send greetings from the fairytale world of 1001 Nights. Alu Dibond wall panels printed with colorful fruits, crunchy vegetables and herbs of all kinds radiate vitalizing freshness. Splashback with photographically captured sea, ice and starscapes is a wonderful wall decoration to let your thoughts wander. Whether you like warm or cool tones, floral art or stones & tiles, vintage designs, nature motifs or Favor food & spices – the easy-to-install kitchen splashbacks in washable quality can be integrated into any furnishing style. With minimal effort, the cooking zone protection offers you maximum design options.

Kitchen rear wall prints on Alu Dibond for fantastic interior designs

Do you like rustic wall panels with a wood design or are you looking for an eye-catching terrazzo look? With an individual kitchen splashback, you can transform your kitchenette into a refuge that perfectly reflects your personal style. Kitchen rear wall prints on Alu-Dibond are ideal for the realization of fantastic interior designs. The panel material in the sandwich structure ensures a long service life, is characterized by good formability and allows easy cutting. Photo prints, ornamental patterns or stone optics on Alu Dibond are the right choice if you want to combine high functionality and easy handling with an elegant look. The harmonious mixture of textures and colors gives these kitchen splashbacks cosiness, timeless charm and extravagance at the same time. Creations with a metallic sheen ensure a very special wall design. Noble gold, silver or copper effects give the niche rear walls a magical radiance. Above all, bright image areas benefit from the metallic effect, but the metallic finish also gives darker motifs a velvety shimmer. You will find an immense selection of rear walls for the kitchen with very different design techniques and designs. Choose from city motifs, floral art, fresh fruit, landscape pictures or wood looks and conveniently order a new style for your kitchenette online. When browsing our splash guard category, use the helpful filter functions or the search mask to find the perfect wall element. The kitchen panels, which are suitable for use in damp rooms, represent our high standards of perfection in terms of quality, workmanship, design and durability – always at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Buy cheap kitchen splash guards made of aluminum composite panels

Seamless kitchen splashbacks are much easier to clean than tile backsplashes and reliably protect the stove and sink area from grease and moisture. The more filigree the pattern, the better for the small kitchen. Many different design elements have a rather restless effect on the ambience. Colors such as natural beige and pastel shades are ideal for optical enlargement. On a light base color or coordinated pattern colors, however, darker nuances are also ideal for smaller cooking areas. Large-scale or three-dimensional motifs exude their expressive flair in spacious cooking areas. Whether beige and brown tones for the country kitchen, botanical trends for the nature-inspired cooking oasis or modern graphic styles in gray for the industrial look – in the trend decoration shop you can kitchen splash guard made of easy-care aluminum composite panels in every style. An individual kitchen style can not only be recognized by the fronts and kitchen floors, but also worktops, decorative items and last but not least the back wall give the cooking temple a face in your own home. We offer our Alu-Dibond wall elements as a variety of prints, photographs, illustrations and graphics in order to fully meet your wishes for an individual kitchen look. With our creative back wall solutions made of aluminum composite system, you can let your favorite work of art become part of your kitchen furnishings. Take a virtual tour of our online gallery and enjoy the best impressions. Experience inspiring kitchen splashback creations and show your taste for something special. Our philosophy is to bring joy, arouse emotions and inspire. Our charming pieces of furniture are as individual as your lifestyle.

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