Wall Colors for a Modern Living Room Design

Give your living space a new look: with expressive wall colors create a lively atmosphere in any room in no time at all. Whether cheerful colors in the children’s room or cool trends in the youth room, modern colors in the living room or a relaxing environment in the bedroom: our colorful wall paint unfolds an impressive effect in every room and increases well-being at home. Design living spaces individually and meaningfully and set effective accents with colorful wall paint. You can paint entire wall surfaces with the wall paint or create effects with individual stripes or paragraphs. Our quality paint is highly abrasion-resistant and has high opacity, so that you can achieve an impressive effect with just one coat. In addition to colorful wall paint, we also have white wall paint in the range, which you can also creatively combine with the bright colors.

Colorful wall paint: Soft tones and strong colors

Our colorful wall paint ranges from soft pastel tones to strong colours. Design wall surfaces in enchanting Caribbean blue and dream of Switzerland on the most beautiful islands in the world – or opt for the powerful red Firenze or Napoli to give your wall a new look with Mediterranean flair. Easy to paint, you can achieve a professional result in no time at all with our Fantasy paints. You can also find the right accessories for painting in our shop: Order the necessary painting accessories at the same time to apply the paint to the walls easily and conveniently.

Wall colors for an individual home

Our wall paints are not only bright and colorful, but also environmentally friendly, breathable and odorless. They are characterized by an attractive price-performance ratio and have an outstanding range. Buy high-quality wall paint in your favorite color in our shop based in Switzerland and give your home a new look. With our colors you can visually enhance and enlarge rooms, create a cozy atmosphere or a modern ambience. Our color range adapts to your wishes and ideas. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! You can also combine the colorful wall colors with our wall tattoos or murals.

Fantasy special mix living room color

With the interior colors from FANTASY, you can choose your favorite color from the special mix interior color range. The high-quality recipe and the matching mixing technology make it possible to re-order the respective color even years later.

Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with a new coat of paint in the shade of Portobello. A coat of paint with the colors from FANTASY is uncomplicated because the colors can be painted very easily and also have an outstanding range. With just one liter you can paint an area of ​​up to 10m2. You have the choice between various paint versions. While many opt for the classic option – designing a room entirely in one color – you can choose a more individual design option. Only paint individual walls in the shade of Portobello and combine the other walls to match. White walls are just as suitable for combination as beige or cream-colored accents. If you like it colourful, Light shades of yellow or green also look great in combination with Portobello. There are no limits to your imagination, adapt your home to your mood and your color preferences.

Special-Mix Wohncolor is breathable and low-odour. The painted room can therefore be used again very quickly.

Note: The colors shown on the screen are not binding, as they can vary from monitor to monitor depending on the settings. To check the original color, please use our color sample service. Many Thanks.

Product features:

  • outstanding range
  • highly abrasion resistant
  • high opacity
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to delete
  • low tendency to spatter
  • breathable and low odor
  • 0L for up to 10m²
  • 5L for up to 25m²
  • 0L for up to 50m²

Wall Colors for a Modern Living Room Design