What Equipment for Children’s Room? Part I

The selection of furniture and furnishings is usually very difficult in general due to the almost unlimited variety. There is a wide variety of styles, an enormous range of materials as well as various colors and shapes. New furniture and the interior fittings of every room in the apartment should of course also be practical. Of course, this also applies to the children’s room.

In today’s magazine article, we take a closer look at various functional areas in the children’s room and give you tips for a successful furnishing and equipment. Find out, among other things, what you should pay attention to when furnishing the children’s room and what, for example, B. is too important when choosing a bed for the child.

What equipment for the children’s room?

When it comes to equipping a children’s room or choosing furniture and furnishings for the room, there are quite a few challenges. – For example, you have to distinguish between things that are functional, practical and can be used in the children’s room over a long period of time and things that are only useful to a limited extent and are only of short use. Products and furniture for the children’s room are often designed in such a way that they “appeal” to the child’s parents emotionally and thus tempt them to purchase components for the children’s room that offer no real added value or that do not meet the needs of the child.

Babies and toddlers need furniture that is suitable for their size and motor skills. Among the most important basic elements of the children’s room or baby room facilities include in this context, changing table and a matching cot (crib, bassinet, crib …). For further information in this context, we recommend the following articles in the sleep magazine : Baby’s initial equipment – tips for choosing furniture |
The right sleeping environment for the baby

Occasionally, furniture such as chests of drawers or cupboards in “miniature format” is offered for furnishing the children’s room. These certainly bring a certain charm to the children’s room, but usually turn out to be impractical or much too small after a short time. For this reason it is advisable not to use it.

In addition, when choosing the children’s room furniture for the baby room , you should make sure that you choose a design that is not too “cute”. – As the infant grows up to become a toddler or kindergarten child, it often happens fairly soon that the child wants less baby-like furniture in his room.

Safety has the highest priority when furnishing the children’s room. For this reason, children’s furniture and furnishings for the children’s room should only be bought from reputable suppliers who pay great attention to the durability and safety of the products on offer. – In our shop , you can be sure that all children’s room items meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

If you have the opportunity to take over used children’s furniture from relatives or friends, then check critically whether the furniture is still in order and can still fulfill its function without restrictions.

How should the sleeping area in the children’s room be set up?

When it comes to furnishing the sleeping area in the children’s room, the age of the child must also be taken into account.

Even for newborns, good sleep is of enormous importance for healthy development. This is not least due to the fact that growth hormone (HGH) is released during the deep sleep phase.

For this reason, it is important that the infant has an undisturbed and safe sleeping environment immediately after birth. The type of cot is not important. Much more important are other factors, especially because of the safety in relation to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. – In this context, we recommend reading the following articles in the sleep magazine: Family bed – what speaks for it and what against it? | Baby cot in the parents’ bedroom – yes or no?

From the age of around three, children are usually old enough to move from the cot (crib) to a large bed. This is a major step in development and it can be unfavorable if the bed change coincides with the birth of a sibling. If the newborn receives the toddler’s “old” bed, it can happen that the infant feels pushed away and associates something negative with the new, large bed. So if there are more offspring in the house, the older child should switch to a new bed after a certain period of time.

Anyone who opts for a convertible cot with convertible sides has the advantage that the bed “grows” with the child. A junior bed is created by removing the grid sides and adding the conversion sides. Since the bed’s lying area does not change as a result of the conversion, the junior bed is only suitable for a limited time. Most of the time, children grow out of bed by the age of five or six.

A standard size model (single bed with 80 × 200, 90 × 200 or 100 × 200) is suitable as the first large bed. When choosing the type of bed, the material and the design, the child should have a say. Storage beds with bed boxes or models with a second bed that can be pulled out are practical and space-saving. When equipping the cot , a good mattress with a support function suitable for the child is preferable.

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