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A colorful sea of ​​blossoms in spring, delicate butterflies in summer, a tree rustling in the wind in autumn : self-adhesive window stickers offer fascinating possibilities for individual decorations in every season. With a variety of window pictures & stickers you can bring your favorite motifs to the glass pane. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bamboo on the shower cubicle, a family of ravens on the balcony door or motley friends in the meadow in the children’s room – single- and multi-colored stickers and window pictures in various shapes and sizes, including adhesive instructions, await you in our online store. Botanical, playful or modern, design your glass surfaces with creative room artists who ensure a beautiful living atmosphere everywhere.

With imaginative motif stickers, every window becomes a show stage

Ladybugs cavort in a flower meadow, cute panda bears sit in trees, colorful leaves shine in the autumn light – window pictures & stickers transform rooms into wonderful oases of well-being. With imaginative motif stickers, every window and every glass door becomes a show stage. Embellish your panoramic window in the living room with a graceful dandelion or decorate your lattice window in the kitchen with brightly shining sun stickers. The self-adhesive, easy to apply and easy to remove glass stickers are ideal as eye-catchers for the big friends of adults and children. The window in particular invites you to imaginative decorations and is the perfect setting for scenarios that accompany you from spring to winter.Are you looking for inspiring decoration ideas for your living or working space? Our effective window pictures and window stickers give your glass surfaces an atmospheric ambience, set impressive accents and emphasize your personal style. Make your offspring very happy with trendy children’s stickers. With us you will discover window stickers with lovingly designed motifs for the little residents. Witty monkeys, mischievous forest animals, clever little owls in a set or Africa’s wild gang with lions, giraffes and elephants bring lots of fun to the children’s room. For enthusiastic kickers we have window pictures with football motifs in our program. The sporty glass designs are guaranteed to light up the eyes of football-mad kids. Browse through the window pictures & stickers section in our shop and find your desired motif with ease:

  • Funny animal stickers
  • Stickers with botanical motifs
  • Glass decorations with desired text
  • Sparkling Star Sets
  • Glass tattoos with quotes and sayings
  • Frosted glass foils with snowflakes
  • Window stickers with geometric motifs
  • Large window pictures

Custom-fit stickers and window pictures for the most beautiful views

Let cherry branches bloom on your glass front, give your offspring original window stickers with funny animals or design an individual window picture with names or statements. We offer you custom-fit stickers and window pictures that provide the most beautiful views in every room. Let your glass surfaces shine as breathtaking works of art and stage exciting lighting moods. You are free to choose the size and color of the window stickers. The self-adhesive glass decorations can be ordered as shown in our example image or in a mirror-inverted view. Of course, you can also get the right accessories. Apply window pictures and stickers wrinkle-free and gently with a felt squeegee. Our full felt squeegees guarantee excellent processing when working with foils and, in contrast to plastic squeegees, offer excellent suppleness. The UV-resistant foils shimmer in brilliant colors from soft pink to sunny yellow to shimmering sapphire blue. Attractive window tattoos and glass stickers are multi-faceted eye-catchers and protect you from prying eyes. While roller blinds, venetian blinds or curtains swallow a lot of light from outside, the practical adhesive solutions ensure sufficient brightness in the room. Let swarms of white butterflies fly over your balcony door or enjoy quiet scenes with floral swings in sky blue in the bedroom. Filigree grasses present themselves romantically, it becomes elegant with a group of trees in the finest contours. Depending on the style of living Depending on the type of window and desired mood, you can choose between small-format and large-format images. Trees, silhouettes, names and sayings are predestined for large illustrations. Delicate tendrils, colorful autumn leaves and delicate flowers look particularly good in small format.

Spring freshness and winter romance: charming glass designs for every season

With window pictures and stickers, beautiful things move into the living room, children’s room, bedroom, office or bathroom . Matching motif stickers enable tasteful glass decoration without much effort. Cheeky kittens, plants in tropical colors, imposing trees and maritime creations contribute to this. The seasons offer a variety of ways to bring new impetus to the decoration. Window pictures and stickers are ideal for charming glass designs that reflect the mood of the season. the spring ring in design stickers with colorful flowers and window tattoos with flowering branches. In the summertime we enjoy fluffy soft clouds and dancing butterflies. Red, yellow and golden autumn leaves create a cozy atmosphere in the stormy season. wintry and Christmassy window pictures from gently trickling snowflakes to the curved Merry Christmas lettering form unique contrasts to the cozy reading corner. With fresh and pastel colors spring feelings awaken, a colorful flower meadow gives a good mood and days full of lightness in summer. Window stickers in a winter design make the Christmas season really cozy. With the perfect decoration idea, a large-format window picture or a suitably assembled sheet of stickers, your glass windows and glass doors will attract attention in both summer and winter. Of course, our wide variety of glass decors are also suitable for refining car rear windows, mirrors, laptops or signs. Use contour-cut window pictures and stickers according to your personal preferences, whether as a stylish motif decor or expressive lettering. With the practical filter function in the trend decoration shop, you can search for your favorite products in a targeted manner and at lightning speed.

Self-adhesive window pictures & stickers permanently cheap in the trend decoration shop

While young people and adults often prefer window pictures in more subtle tones, children love it colourful. A good reason to conjure up a smile on the little ones’ faces with cheerfully colored motif stickers. In our carousel of glass decorations, decoration fans big and small will find what they are looking for – regardless of whether it’s a mint green butterfly family, a black footballer silhouette, artistic circles in yellow, trendy pink lettering or emerald green bamboo. You are looking for university window stickers with flowers or a window picture with a Caribbean motif? You can always buy self-adhesive window pictures and stickers in premium quality. Get to know all of our theme worlds and discover stylish, fresh glass looks for your living and working environments. A mosaic, a poppy meadow, a bamboo forest – there are many options for individual window decoration. We show you the most beautiful window pictures and glass tattoos that everyone wants to have. Let yourself be inspired and order your decorative favorites online in the color and size of your choice. Our professionally designed and customizable window decals don’t require a lot of effort. When you receive the glass decorations, simply pull them off the carrier film and apply them with our optional felt squeegee. You want your windows with new summer decorations or creatively stage wintry window pictures? Our window stickers can be removed without leaving any residue and make room for new feel-good islands. Go on a tour of discovery in our online shop, discover versatile window decorations and many other beautiful things that make your home even more homely.

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