Wonderful Table Decoration

Put your table in the limelight and discover exclusive table displays in our special portfolio. Let yourself be surprised by the wide repertoire of motifs, patterns and typographic styles. You can look forward to very special highlights with a trend factor. Sayings & quotes, essential grammar, city names, plants, animals or decorative stars inspired by artists such as Bansky and Frida Kahlo – discover fascinating accessories for your interior. Our chic displays made of clear acrylic glass are also ideal as an inspiring gift. Visit the table display gallery and experience beautiful table decorations that are brilliantly positioned in every room, from the living room from the kitchen to the office. Choose from our categories according to theme, art form or color and look for your desired decor individually.

Table decoration to put down – wonderful motifs for a harmonious aesthetic

The table displays in our exquisite repertoire, finished with acrylic glass, are the tasteful answer to the question of sophisticated looks. Exotic plants in light green, black and gold shimmering bouquets, original creations of animals, masterly made artist pictures – in our gallery you will find table decorations that are impressive to look at and feel. Wonderful motifs ensure a harmonious aesthetic in puristic, romantic or rural interiors. The elegant acrylic glass displays in rectangular style or in portrait format live from modern chic according to the latest color and design trends. Lovers of typographic decorations can easily realize their table decoration dreams with the art of grammar and intelligent puns. Cheeky sayings and crisp quotes look lively on the dining table or in the hallway. Decorative lettering of a city name on the desk refreshes holiday memories and makes you want to go on trips with friends. In the animals category, lively songbirds dance on the leash, funny kittens peek around the corner and swans glide majestically over the water. There is plenty of room for art on tables, sideboards, shelves or mantelpieces. Discover the art prints category in our portfolio and let yourself be inspired by a large selection of impressive works. Enrich the room ambience with Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life”, van Gogh’s “Café Terrace in the Evening” or Bansky’s “Girl with the red balloon”. It doesn’t matter whether you love the country house look, are a fan of the tough factory loft style or like boho chic – with us you will find distinctive table displays that will enhance any interior. Lamination under acrylic glass has many advantages:

  • High quality effect
  • Brilliant and rich colors
  • Particularly durable
  • UV resistant and translucent
  • Unbreakable, light and crack-free

Charming acrylic glass table displays according to personal taste

Our durable table and counter displays made of acrylic glass are manufactured with the highest precision and have a solid wooden base made of untreated oak. The versatile stylistic devices offer the perfect opportunity to present imaginative creations as modern decoration anywhere. Letters as city names or sayings based on the Duden style set modern accents on the wooden table in the dining room as well as on the windowsill in the living room. Important quotes on the subject of serenity and mindfulness ensure relaxed moments in the yoga room or at the breakfast table. On our botanically staged table displays, dreamlike plants shine and accentuate your interior with a natural aura. Original photographs of animals are particularly popular when it comes to designing baby or children’s rooms. Explore the extensive repertoire of motifs, formats and colors in the table display shop to find your favourite. Order conveniently charming acrylic glass table displays according to your personal taste. In your table display gallery there are great designs for purists, traditionalists and individualists. Accurately classified products in categories make it easier for you to find your desired decor. Just click on colour, shape, theme or artist to narrow your search. We use 3mm thick acrylic glass and refine the high-resolution color print with a white protective coating. The transparent acrylic glass plate reliably protects photographs, art prints and typographic interpretations from damage and dirt. Thanks to the lamination under easy-care synthetic glass, the acrylic paintings also have an impressive depth effect with a 3D effect. The crowning glory is a natural oak base, which offers rectangular and upright models a secure footing.

Brilliant decorative elements for versatile designs

Whether you place a creation by the British street artist Bansky on the side table in the living room, decorate the windowsill in the kitchen with a moving quote or let the flair of tropical-exotic plants waft through the hallway – the table displays laminated under acrylic glass from the table displays Galeries attract everyone’s attention with their enchanting motifs, selected color harmonies and shapely designs. Decorate the center of the banquet table with a cubist Foliage decor in shimmering gold tones. Beautify the wall shelf in the children’s room with acrylic glass decorations from the world of animals. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wooden wall clocks. Our Sayings & Quotes section is the right address for anyone who wants to follow the hottest trends in letter art. Do you have language doubts? Then surprise your family and guests with a comprehensible representation of grammar and nouns on one of our typographic sayings in minimalist black and white. Fans of bright color nuances can look forward to a wide range of powerful tones. Green radiates a pleasant freshness, blue underlines the clear living style, warm red creates an expressive atmosphere. Liven up your rooms with glamorous decorative elements for versatile designs, that make powerful statements on their own or combined in a sophisticated way. In our varied table display repertoire you will find a wide variety of styles for maritime, Mediterranean, Nordic and romantic interiors. Funny animal motifs, botanical decorations, artistic compositions, bold lettering: discover timeless beauties made of acrylic glass, which are also wonderfully suitable as stylish gifts – whether for a birthday,wedding or inauguration.

A huge selection of high-quality acrylic table displays in the table display shop

Give your table a unique frame with stunningly beautiful table decorations, turn your console into an eye-catcher or make your windowsill appear even more flowery. Our noble acrylic displays are the perfect combination partners for beautiful eye oases in all styles of furnishings. Motifs laminated behind acrylic glass look particularly elegant, captivate with their intense shine and are just as gallant in portrait as in landscape format. The wishes of our customers for the highest aesthetic standards and excellent quality are our focus. That’s why you’ll find proven classics and new creations in our selected portfolio that are visually and functionally equally convincing. Experience the immense selection of high-quality table displays for every taste in the table display shop. Enjoy the appeal of stylized foliage with a brilliant gold shimmer, artful animal illustrations in hatched gray or finely drawn sayings in deep black. Get to know the designs and colors of the popular table display trends for the realization of individual decorations – whether invigorating, relaxing, original, striking or abstract. With the diversity in our repertoire, you can choose a decor that suits you. Animal funny, impressively artistic or rather botanically fresh? In the table display store you will find inspiring ideas for your personal table display dream. Let paradisiacally beautiful designers move into your home – just the way you like it.

Wonderful Table Decoration