Wood Arts for Your Cozy Home

Wood is a unique material, because even long after the tree has been felled, the planks have been cut and these have been professionally deposited – wood is alive and thus creates an extraordinary living atmosphere. Wooden furniture makes us feel comfortable. And combined with other natural materials such as leather, linen or sisal, an atmosphere is conveyed that is otherwise not possible. In addition: Wood always fits and can be combined with almost any other material. Even in a futuristically designed room there is always a place for a wooden sign or a stylish wooden wall decoration.

Signposts or living room decoration with wooden signs

The less serious warning about the four-legged roommate, the sign for the children’s room or the request not to disturb on the office door are among the most popular signs made of wood. But the undisputed favorite is the wooden sign “Welcome to me” with sisal rope , which can be casually hung up at the entrance or next to it. These decorative information signs are just as suitable for your home as for the office, business or stylish gastronomy. And in hotels for guests with high demands, such a wooden decoration complements the overall atmospheric picture. Wooden signs with distinctive lettering for the reception or the simple welcome are available for this purpose. A special feature in the wood art section are the picture panels. Applied to the natural material, panoramic views of the Alps, the Manhattan Bridge at night or the New York skyline are extravagant room decorations. You can decorate the salon with a wooden sign Seebrücke Sellin or create a calming ambience in the bedroom with blossoming cherry tree branches. This type of painting on wood is also excellent for drawing attention to a certain part of the room or a particularly distinctive piece of furniture. If you choose a wooden picture board in landscape format, it stretches the sofa or chest of drawers in front of it. In portrait format, this wood decoration focuses the viewer’s gaze, which makes the wall appear narrower and makes a bulky piece of furniture look a little more graceful.

Extravagant wood art as motivation and decoration

The world map as a wooden decoration in dark mahogany or in light poplar gives every meeting room, office or living room a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Wood art in the form of attractively designed lettering refers to the spa with words such as Relaxation, Bon appetit in Italian or Merry Christmas in English. Origami wood art is often suitable for rooms with a modern design. Symbols motivate with expressiveness and are at the same time a decorative eye-catcher. With the monkey head as a wooden decoration the three wisdoms “say nothing, hear nothing, see nothing” are connected. Check Paulwallclocks for home decoration with wall clocks with pendulum. The powerful elephant indicates good memory and perseverance, and the butterfly has always represented change into something appealingly beautiful. Motifs such as the whirring hummingbird, the acrobatic dragonfly or the cozy panda are also available, and a pineapple looks particularly good in the kitchen. You will also find so-called scatter decorations. These small pieces of wood are offered to you with different series of motifs. The maritime symbols with anchor and steering wheel stand for the port of marriage. They are as wood art just as popular in the design of a wedding table as butterflies, shamrocks or stars. The latter are also used for Christmas table decorations. In addition, you can conveniently order wooden art as Christmas tree decorations online, which turns every fir tree into an atmospheric Christmas decoration.

Wood Sign